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Several times in the last fortnight I have thought that I need to sit down and blog. But whenever I do, I immediately get distracted by the garden. The weather has been so nice for gardening recently – dry, not too warm and relatively still. It’s hard to sit inside knowing that I could be out in the fresh air. This really is a full-on gardening year for me and my on-going 100 Happy Days photo stream has really proven how much my plants cheer me up – 19 of the last 38 days have specifically been about the garden with a further 7 being about indoor plants or things associated with the garden! It really is a way to connect with the Earth and de-stress after the trials of the day – I’d recommend everyone take it up, even if it’s just a tomato plant in a pot. For inspiration, here are some of the most latest garden highlights:

The main flower bed is really filling out now and some new plants went in this weekend including, amongst many others, Lily of the Valley and Verbena:

P1010902  P1010903

My purple silver lace primula continues to look stunning:


The vegetable patch is really starting to fill out now (the plastic sheeting is there to keep the ground warm for things yet to come!):


We’ve already had one helping of the rhubarb and it’s still going strong:


The first earlies are also growing at speed. All 10 seed potatoes are sprouting in the main bed, with the others in the bag slightly ahead:

P1010894   P1010897

The Charlotte’s are also growing well. The Roosters only went in this weekend:


The onions are also coming along strong, although are still small enough to need protection from chick wire:


I also got the broad beans planted out early last week and they are already getting bigger. I’ll need to work out what to cook with them as these are my ‘experimental’ veg:


Also, today’s success was a team effort between Sam, my Dad and I. We assembled a bamboo frame for me to hang netting over later in the season to spare my crop from the birds, cats and squirrels. Doesn’t it look pro!


Finally, for fun, I have planted some giant sunflowers. They were re-potted yesterday and are already several inches tall. Hoping we can get some 6-8′ tall, but they have a bit of a way to go yet!


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