My experience keeping a Gratitude Journal

Since the start of 2016, I have been keeping a ‘One Minute Diary’, or ‘Gratitude Journal’. I got the idea after a large number of folk in my twitter stream were reviewing ‘Book of You‘. I didn’t want to buy the book; But after some research I discovered there was an app. I downloaded it and started using it a couple of days after New Year. The second or third suggestion it made was to keep a ‘One Minute Diary’.


What is a ‘Gratitude Journal’?

The concept was simple: every day take one minute to write down something from the day that made me grateful. I quite quickly uninstalled the YOU app; There are only so many new things I am capable of introducing into my life. But the ‘One Minute Diary’ was something that really struck a chord with me. Six months on and I am still doing it. Sometimes I literally spend a minute; Sometimes I spend longer because there are more things I want to write.

Do I always have something to write about?

Life is always full of ups-and-downs. There have been a lot of days where I cram the page of my little book full of things that have made me truly happy that day. Then there are days where it’s a struggle to think so something. But the remarkable thing is that there is always something that has made me happy and grateful. A couple of years ago I did something called ‘100 Happy Days‘ and this reminds me of that. Although rather than publicly sharing photos, this is a private and personal reflection.


What have I learnt?

The most important thing, as previously mentioned, is that there is always something in everyday to be happy for. Even if it’s just a cup of tea whilst sitting on the sofa. Realising this has actually slowly and subtly changed my perception on life; My general outlook is more positive and I try to see the good is a situation there-and-then.. There is one other thing that is apparent when I occasionally flick back through previous entries; Not unexpectedly, little H is consistently my main source of happy moments!

Have any of you tried to keep ‘Gratitude Journal’? What are you experiences? Or is this something you’d consider starting?

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