Five Favourite Finds #1

GreekYoghurtAndFruitInspired by other blogger ideas, I have decide to introduce a new feature to my site – a monthly post on my ‘Five Favourite Finds’ for the month. They can be absolutely anything new that I have come across. The challenge: making sure I find five each month. I’m hoping it will both encourage me to find new things and also share my finds with you all to save you the leg work! So without further ado and in no particular order…

  1. DoveBodyWashDove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash: I am really prone to getting dry skin, especially after a shower. I kept seeing adverts for this Dove body wash so when I spotted it on offer for about £1.50 in the supermarket I figured it was worth a try. Do you know what – it works. After a few showers my skin doesn’t feel dry anymore. It’s not quite the same as doing a proper moisturise but I’m all in favour of things that cut corners when I am always short on time;
  2. PeakBrainTrainingPeak: Lured in by another advert (I’m honestly not that influenced by the media!) I download Peak, a brain training app. I’m always concerned I don’t test my brain enough and had been looking for something for a while. A couple of weeks in, I’m quite enjoying it and the 4 daily exercises only take 5 minutes in total. The games are a bit random but I’m getting used to them and improving…sometimes. The only issue is one of my own making – finding (or rather making) the time to do the tests;
  3. Greek yoghurt and fruit: Last month we stayed with my sis and she’s in to her ‘clean eating’. She made me a pudding of greek yoghurt, fruit and cocoa chips and it reminded me how much I like Greek yoghurt. So earlier this month I started ordering some (I’ve been getting Fage which is proper Greek yoghurt, not Greek style) and having it for an evening pud / snack with some honey (and on the occasion shown in the pic, crumbled left-over Easter egg!). Not only does it taste AMAZING but it has stopped me from having an evening bit of cake – a double health benefit!;
  4. CalpolTravel Calpol: I am probably the only parent to not have discovered these, but you can buy travel sachets of Calpol! They’re obviously not the cheapest way of buying it but they look really handy for emergencies when out and about or for taking when travelling. We’re going away for a few days in a few weeks so these will be great to throw in the bag rather than the glass bottle which I’m always scared with break. The only downside…H likes the syringe thing. I might have to take that too so I can ‘decant’ if needed!
  5. LittleLifeToddlerDaysackLittle Life Toddler Daysack: H is getting more and more independent with her walking and whilst I am making sure she learns to hold my hand in busy areas, I don’t want to stop her exploring. So to stop her from just running off in places I could lose her and to also avoid falls on hard surfaces, I was exploring baby reigns. Neither Sam nor I were overly keen on them though so when I happened upon these little daysacks with a detatchable parent strap I was really pleased. So far she is happy to wear it and enjoys carrying the bag round at home. It’ll be great as she gets older too as she’ll have her own bag for storing her keepsakes when we go out or travel.
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  • travel calpol! yep we had those 🙂 I found out about them when googling abt whether I could take a bottle of calpol on the plane lol. B used to only like the syringe but he uses a spoon fine now. bit easier x

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