Gardens – they’re no small commitment

The weather over the last few weeks has been really up and down. The average temperature has certainly gone up but where last month the nights were still very cold, we have had a lot of hot days and quite muggy nights. With all of the new warmth, the garden has just exploded with growth and everything is getting bigger by the day. However, with some of the scorching days we have had over the last week, it has been a real reminder of the commitment a garden takes even when the seasons growth is becoming established; One night I forgot to water everything and goodness it was a sorry sight in the morning!

That said, we have been fortunate (from a gardening perspective) to get some rain over the last few days so everything is looking much perkier again without me needing to get out the hose. This has encouraged the grass seed I put out to really start growing, although it’s still looking rather patchy.

Some of the first shoots of new grass to appear!

In other garden related news, the courgettes are in the vegetable plot now and the broad beans are flowering. I have also potted-up the peppers (the first pepper is already just starting to grow!) and the tomatoes will go out this weekend, all being well.

The peppers in their greenhouse to make sure they get plenty of warmth.

I made some baked rhubarb the other night with what I thought was the last of the crop. I had left a few stalks but no new growth was coming through so I removed the rest before it went to waste. But lo-and-behold, I went out earlier today to discover this:

Another crop of rhubarb in the making…hopefully!

The butternut squash plants are also coming along well. My second attempt at seed-sewing produced three more successful plants to go with the only one I got from my first attempt. The more mature plant is also going to go out and join the courgettes in the veg patch this weekend. Whichever of the other plants I decide to put out for the second one will still need a couple more weeks to mature.


Finally, the baby spinach and baby lettuce are coming along wonderfully (in fact I must sew my final round of seeds this weekend!) and we enjoyed our first home grown baby leaf salad the other day with cheese on toast and home made tomato chutney.


It’s always so exciting eating your own crops, however small the portion. I can’t wait for everything else to start producing tasty ingredients for us!

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