Going Sportive!

Sam and I have had a very busy weekend. The Watling Parents came round on Friday to help tidy-up the garden. I got home to a wonderfully clean and tidy front garden and a half complete back garden. They stayed over and we continued on in to Saturday (with me disappearing for a Saturday row, of course). Sam and his Dad also finally got round to boxing in a pipe in the kitchen. It was a very busy day, so one might expect we’d have a slightly more relaxed Sunday. No…

This morning we did an Evan’s Cycles ‘Ride-It’ Sportive event. It started near Brookman’s Park (about 15 – 20 mins drive from us) so we were up promptly at 7am to get there by 8:15am. They offered 4 ride lengths: Fun (15 miles), Short (30 miles), Medium (60 miles) and Long (90 miles). We considered giving the ‘Long’ a go, but settled for the ‘Medium’. Haha, I jest – we went for the ‘Short’; After the limited amount of cycling I have done this year, even that was a worry. The longest I have cycled this year is 17 miles and that was a struggle.

Sam had his Strava running as usual, so the map and cycling details are here. My moving time was probably a smidge longer than Sam’s – I had to dismount on a couple of hills and was slower on some others. But we finished together – I finished. Hurrah! I’m totally grateful I am not attempting London to Brighton this year. It was good to have a challenge though and I am feeling suitably weary now. Just to top it off, I spent 2 hours at home sanding and staining another panel of the conservatory. I started it last year but had to stop because of the winter. Now 5/7ths complete!

Right, now I need a(nother) cup of tea!

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