Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam has just had his birthday, joining me in the 4th decade of life. We were coming back from our holiday in North Wales on his birthday (more to follow on that front) so I decided to organise him a little shindig yesterday with some friends and family. All of this was hush-hush though, I should add. Plans were going well and a good crowd had said they were coming. Sam was none-the-wiser. Unfortunately, with only 24 hours to go, it didn’t stay that way…

One of Sam’s friends couldn’t come and she obviously didn’t pick-up on the word ‘surprise’ in my email, because she apologised for not coming to his party in his birthday card. Drat! Fortunately, he still didn’t have a clue when or where, so an element of mystery remained. As Saturday progressed he started to work it out (he had to go out with his parents for 2 hours whilst his sister and I did a frantic food shop and decorate) but alls-well-that-ends-well: he had a good time and still looked sufficiently shocked!

One of the coolest bits of the day was that ‘GardenCam‘ (Sam calls it ‘SamCam’ but I think ‘GardenCam’ is more accurate!) was capturing the whole event. So, the time lapse video for yesterday was far busier than normal! Sam has pulled out all of the stills (inter-mingled with some actual photos from the event) and put them on Revado. He has also uploaded the time lapse to You Tube so it is forever immortalised in time! Enjoy.

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