What Little H did – 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 & 2.10 years

My dearest Little H,

It’s been so long since I wrote and update on you, how you’ve grown and changed, how you’ve made us laugh and (on a few occasions with some of your newer tantrum states) cry! So much has happened in the last 4 months that I am going to fail to capture so many of your gems. The reason for my apparent ‘lazy’ behaviour? Well it was 3 months ago we were finally able to tell you that, all staying well, you’ll become a big sister early next year. Growing your sibling as well as working and looking after you has properly wiped out your mummy. However, I have been adamant the whole time that I won’t let these ‘diaries’ stop. So, here is my attempt to catch-up and hopefully get back into my routine again! I’m so looking forward to Christmas this year because you are so excited. I’m looking forward to sharing next month’s update too.

• • One of your favourite games is ‘nursery’ where either you or I are the parent and the other is Nursery. Your teddies and other toys come and go several times in a matter of minutes, often being driven home on your little car!

• • You sat cross-legged one day and declared to me that you’d “made a lap”.

• • During the earlier months we were driving somewhere when you saw a big crane out the window and shouted “It’s amazing!”. We didn’t even know you knew that word.

• • Shortly after, you took something from Daddy (I forget what) and then said “Oh, it’s fab!”. How we chuckled.

• • Your stories and tales have been getting more and more dramatic. We asked where your key worker had been on holiday only for to be captivated for 10 minutes with “anaplanes in the sky” with “two ladders to climb down” and a train to “zoom away”.

• • We finally let you try marmite after you insisted on trying Daddy’s toast. After that, you kept asking for “marday” on your toast.

• • After countless tries, we finally captured your “rarhh” hand (as in the sound a lion makes) on camera.

• • During these 4 months, you have moved to a Big Girl bed. But before that you once called out for us before Daddy and I both wanted to get up. So I brought you from your cot into our bed and for a brief moment you snuggled into me. It was lovely.

• • Once you moved into your Big Girl bed, you started running into our room every morning. On weekends, you’ll tell either Daddy or I to “make a space” and climb into bed for cuddles and to “look at pictures” on my phone.

• • You’ve been consistently good at following your GroClock though. Whilst in your cot you would wait until your “sun is up” and then open the door to call for us with “Mummy / Daddy, where are you?”. Now you’re in your bed, you wait for the sun before coming to you our room!

• • One day I wasn’t feeling well and you’d been a bit of tyrant. We sat quietly on the lawn outside for you to eat you tea. Suddenly out of the blue you looked at me , smiled and gently rubbed me on the shoulder. It was very sweet.

• • You have 2 meerkat toys but you can’t say meerkat at quietly endearingly call them “meal cats”.

• • After doing teeth in the evening, you often make Daddy and I chuckle by doing your ‘Reebot’ voice and arms. You’ll march to your room going “Reebot, reebot”.

• • Now you’re older, I am happier to straighten my hair whilst you are awake. You know to stay away. After seeing me, the nursery staff spotted you ‘straightening’ your fringe with some toy kitchen tongs at nursery one day.

• • The quality of your speech and language never ceases to amaze me. You use more and more big words and sing so many songs. The other day you were talking to the lady at the shoe shop about when you were “younger”. I also love listening to you join in with the songs at Music Train!

• • We went on our first proper holiday in September. We were away for 10 nights and spent 7 of those away in the Netherlands. You took it all in your stride and had a great time. You tried all the food and were really well behaved when travelling! It was such a wonderful holiday.

• • One morning Daddy said you pointed to your nipples, declared they were your ‘blobs’ and then laughed.

• • Whilst doing ‘Bubble Sink’ one night, you turned to Daddy and said “I’m a birthday cake”. He then had to blow out the ‘candle’ on your head. You then declared Daddy and I birthday cakes and blew our candles out too. It made us laugh so much.

• • After reading the ‘Stick Man’ book at nursery, we took you see it at Hertford Theatre. You then became obsessed with Stick Man and when you picked up any stick you would say: “Stick man, stick man, that’s me. I want to go home to Family Tree”.

• • Saw a picture of Toy Story and told us you’d ‘not seen it in a while’.

• • When I asked you how your porridge was, your response was “It’s not bad Mummy”.

• • You’ve struggled with your friends moving up to pre-school ahead of you and are continually waiting for your birthday so you can join them.

• • But you are distracted and obsessed with Christmas, which you call Father Christmas!

• • I took you to the cinema for the first time to see the new ‘Frozen’ short film and then ‘Frozen’ immediately after. Given the length of the two combined, you behaved really well. You definitely enjoyed the new Olaf film!

• • At the park in Hertford one day, you insisted on pushing me round on the roundabout. I hope none of the other parents thought I was exploiting you, haha!

• • I’ve been so delighted with your response to your impending new sibling too. You starting talking to the baby in my stomach and sometimes give it little presents (usually pieces of paper you’ve cut out!). You refer to it as ‘your baby’ and often talk about how you want to cuddle it and hold it’s hand.

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