What Little H did – 3.0 years

Happy third birthday Little H!

As clichéd as it sounds, I really am not sure where the last 3 years have gone. I vividly remember you being such a small tiny baby that I was both in awe and fear of! You’ve changed so much in the last three years and yet in that time I feel like I know you inside out. I can’t imagine a world without you now. Not saying you don’t test my patience. This month you’ve grown ever more independent and self-sufficient. In some ways it’s a joy to watch and in others it makes me feel sad that you’re growing up so quick. I’ve been a bit better at capturing some of your highlights this month but baby is making me tired so some are lost in the depth of my mind. But hopefully some nice memories here for you and, as always, some fab photos!


• • At breakfast one morning you declared you needed to get down and go to play. When we questioned if you’d eaten enough you said you had because you were “full, full to the brim.”, proving that we only need to use a phrase around you once for you to remember it!

• • I was asking you what you wanted for tea and you were not very interested in answering. After about a minute of silence following me asking what vegetable you wanted, you said “I’m done talking.”. That was me silenced…

• • We got a new bath submarine but you couldn’t say it and kept calling it a ‘tangerine’! It also got called ‘tamberine’ and ‘tumbleweed’ but ‘tangerine’ is the one that has stuck.

• • When we push you in at the table we tell you to “Put your hands in the air” and you respond “Don’t you care!”. Almost!

• • For months we’ve been playing the ‘Winner’ game when trying to get you to do something. Whenever you win (which has to be almost always) and we say “You’re a winner!”, you’ll respond with “Chicken dinner!”. (I don’t know if that’s an infamous phrase but daddy and I picked it up from an average film about gambling in Las Vegas called ’21’.)

• • Whilst you’ve been able to dress yourself for yonks, this month we’ve found that often the only way to get you dressed is to leave you in your room with a pile of clothes so you can do it yourself. You then like to creep up on me whilst I have my eyes closed and beep me on the nose to tell me you’re done!


• • You have a complete obsession with Julia Donaldson books and ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

• • Since Christmas you’ve built up a collection on ‘films’ (Tangled, Julia Donaldson animations and ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’) which you are obsessed with watching.


• • ‘Tangled’ is your new favourite film and Rapunzel is your new heroine!

• • Rather than go with the conventional fairy tale line, you prefer to say “Punzal get your hair off!”. Always makes me laugh!


• • You turned 3 and were so excited about it! You enjoyed celebrating with your Nana (as her birthday is just before yours) and the Watling side of the family. You then had a mini party with some of your NCT friends and also got a fun visit from Grandad Graham and Auntie Jenny!

• • We got you a Big Girl bike for your birthday. You’re still getting used to it and it’s a bit big for you still (you’ll grow into it far too quickly so we went bigger so it lasts longer!) but there is always a moment of pride on your face when you make it move on your own.


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