What Little H did – 3.3 years

Wow Little H, it’s been a hectic month but you have been on top form! You’ve tested us with a few tantrums but for the most part you have been hilarious! In fact, you’ve been so funny that I’ve not managed to capture even half of the hilarious things you’ve done. You had a virus in the middle of the month which was a shame, but you fought it off really quickly. Little Z has been lucky to have lots of cuddles from you too. You’ve really stepped into the role of being a big sister now. If I’d kept a note of everything you ‘saved’ for Little Z when she’s older, it would have a filled an A4 page! (It included a crayon, a yoghurt lolly and some of your new summer tops!). But onwards to the amusing things you did this month…


• • Your new hair style ‘du jour’ is pigtails.

• • A bit of mash from your first pie for stuck I’m a blob under your bottom lip. You turned to use and said loudly “Oh, I’m a man!” because it looked like a little beard. Daddy and I laughed really hard it was so funny.

• • I used the foam roller one afternoon. When I was done you started copying my moves. Daddy then told you it was bedtime to which you replied: “Not yet. I’m exercising.”.


• • You’ve finally nailed your full name!

• • I went into your room one morning to check you were being dressed okay. You had your trousers half on, looked you at me and said in an annoyed tone “Go away. Stop ‘nnoying me.”. I probably should have been crossed but I was so astonished and amused that I just left.

• • We were sat joking around with Grandad Graham. He said you were more of a terror each time he saw you. You pointed at him with a crafty face and shouted “You’re a cheeky little Grandad!”. It was so funny!


• • The first Friday of the month, the sun finally made it’s appearance. Daddy had the day off so you spent ages outside with him helping clear the drive if the mud and weeds from the winter. So helpful!

• • Mummy took you out with Zoe on our first outing without Daddy, just to the supermarket but it was still a big step for Mummy. You were such a good girl and rode around on your buggy board and pushing the lift buttons!

• • The 4 of us went out to Hertford for a walk and some lunch one Saturday. During lunch I asked you not to do something and you got cross. You were kneeling on you chair and was about to get cross at me when you suddenly flung your arm behind you and above your head, flicked your wrist and hand towards me whilst holding a fork and said in a loud voice “SPELL!”. It was hilarious!


• • You invented a game using Daddy’s track pump – apparently it’s a fire hose so you played fire station!

• • We went to Whipsnade for the first time since the end of last summer. This time you were telling us which animals you wanted to see! It was so much fun (until you got overtired and had an extreme meltdown at home).

• • I asked if you wanted a spoon for your dinner rather than the mini spatula we’d used to cook it. You said no, “It’s cool” – the first time you’ve described something as “cool”.


• • When I was changing one of Little Z’s pooey nappies you went “Oh my goodness, it’s massive!” which made me chuckle.

• • Driving home from town one Saturday you called “Look, moo-stache” from the back. You’d pushed your sunglasses off your nose and had then balanced on your top lip. It was hilarious!

• • In one of your ‘going to work’ games, I asked what you did at work. You told me that you play. A more fun job than mine!


• • After I ‘annoyed’ you, you stomped your foot and said “I’m not going to see you ever again!” before storming off. Then you looked back and grinned.

• • You went on your first nursery outing, on a trip to the supermarket! I was really nervous about you going but Daddy told me to get a grip and you had a wonderful time. Apparently you were really well behaved too. Although I expected nothing less!

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