A long overdue garden update

GazaniaOver my birthday weekend we went to my in-laws (my Father-in-Laws birthday is the day before mine). My Mother-in-Law is an exceptional gardener and her garden is both wonderfully matured and maintained. So we arrived to see borders bursting with colour and life. I got back home and peered out to our garden – immature in my view, having only lived in the house since Autumn last year – and also neglected because I don’t have the time to spend on it that I used to in a pre-H world. I know my MIL and I have very different life situations but I still felt incredibly depressed about it. My garden in the old house had reached a point where year-on-year it looked amazing and now I’m back to square one. I needed to see some new life in it and I needed to see it now! So on our way to Music Train one Monday, H and I dropped by our local B&Q

The garden is already looking a lot better than it did when we moved in last Autumn and then over the winter when it looked quite sparse. It’s amazing how fast a garden will fill out once the spring kicks in.


A couple of weeks ago I cut back a lot of the shrubs again – especially a particularly vicious thorny thing which I forget the name of but I am trying to keep cut back to the fence so H can’t grab it – so that I could start planting out some of the bedding plants Sam’s Mum had taken cuttings of for me.


One corner of our garden has a particularly deep border so this my main focus right now. It is clear that the previous owners of our house just filled that part of the garden with large shrubs and they had just dominated the area.CornerBed I’ve taken out quite a few but it now looks a bit top heavy so I’ve planted out some smaller shrubs (a lower growing hebe and a lemon verbena) along with a few mid-height deciduous perennials including some tall daisies. It looks sparse right now still but they should start to fill out the area quite rapidly over the summer and next year. I’m planning on adding in some geraniums at some point which will crawl into all the nooks and crannies!

I also bought myself a variety of brightly coloured flowering plants including some small dahlias, begonias, a Gazania and antirrhinum along with a tray of coleus




I haven’t planted them all out yet but I did get some into pots to brighten the patio and front step a bit.


I’d love to hear what your favourite plants are to get out in the garden!

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