Memories I want my daughter to have

When I think of a happy summer evening, one of the memories that comes to the front of my mind is from when I was a little kid. In the memory I’m snuggled in my bed ready to go to sleep. I have my Forever Friends bed sheets on which match my Forever Friends flower curtains. I didn’t have blackout curtains when I was young (how my mum got me to sleep I have no idea!) so the evening summer sun is glowing through my window. I don’t remember anything else apart from feeling so contented and happy.

I remember spending Sundays in the playroom with my sister setting up little ‘shops’. Then our parents would come in and splurge our various creations for 2p a go. We’d store the money in our Whipsnade coin purses (those plastic tube ones with screw top lids and a chord so you could hang it round your neck!).

I remember after the excitement of Christmas morning, my sister and I would keep our presents downstairs for days and days. We’d each build a little den behind the chair or next to the tree and put all our presents in it. Then we’d spend hours in there whilst mum and dad enjoyed the Christmas TV!

I remember during the school holidays that mum would take us to Windsor for the day (before we moved back up North) and we’d pop and see dad in his office. Then we’d go to the coffee shop for a Welsh Rarebit and as we left she’d stop to buy some freshly ground coffee. My sister and I would take it in turns to hold the warm bag and breathe in the smell. Even today I love the smell of freshly ground coffee for this reason even though I cannot bear to even drink a sip of it!

I remember every Saturday evening we’d sit together after dinner and watch ‘Noel’s House Party’ and ‘The Generation Game’. (I LOVED trying to remember everything on the conveyor belt!) And then when we got old, it turned into pizza and film night. Even now we’ve moved out and mum is gone, when we are back home dad still breaks out the pizza, garlic bread and salad for tea!

These recollections come flooding back more and more now I am a mother. Whenever I tuck Little H in at night, or give her a cuddle on the sofa I remember how it was when I was a child. And I find myself wondering what she will remember of her childhood when she has grown up. The enduring feeling I remember from when I was small is that feeling of safety. Sure, as a kid, you have worries; school pressures, school bullies, getting changed for P.E. in communal changing rooms (I don’t know how on earth that is supposed to help anyone’s self-esteem!). But home was always the place I could switch off from things that were bothering. I want Little H to have that same feeling.

I hope that she’ll have fond memories of all the cuddles and all the playing together. Of the summer afternoons playing in the garden. Of our trips into town for a drink and a cheeky scone. Of feeling well fed. Of feeling warm and comfortable. Of film afternoons and rainy days flopped on the sofa devouring book after book!

But it’s such a different world she’s growing up into. Children are subjected to more testing and monitoring than when I was a kid. The internet, mobile phones and social media make it very difficult to shut the outside world away. I worry about how much I can protect her and make her feel safe and secure in a world I’ve not lived through as a young person. I just have to hope that by listening, by being there for her and creating experiences like those that made me feel so happy, that she will indeed be happy, confident and secure. And that she will snuggle into her bed on a summers evening to fall into a contented sleep!

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  • Awww, Angela this is lovely. I was actually thinking the other day about what things Molly will remember so it was nice to read this. I used to love Forever Friends. My watch was my most treasured possession lol. Omg the Generation Game was amazing. I remember begging my dad to go on it with me when I was older haha. #familyfun
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood… #RockingMotherhoodMy Profile

    • Thank you! Ah man, watches are the most amazing things when you’re a kid. Little H is already obsessed with them. I had 2 pop swatches and I LOVED them. I suspect many kids had their dreams dashed too when the cancelled the generation game before we reached adulthood! Thanks for reading xx

  • I totally had a forever friends duvet and matching curtains. We would also watch the Generation Game and Noel’s House Party. I too often wonder what my children will remember, what happy memories they will house of their childhood. I always put their pjs on the radiator so they are warm when they get out of the bath. I hope that remains something they take with them into adulthood. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    • Ah I love warm PJs! I try to do that for my daughter but she just runs around in her birthday suit or demands her dressing gown. I bet your kids will remember that and playing on the sand in the sunshine! Thanks for reading xxx

  • What a lovely post! I wonder what my daughter will remember too – probably nothing until she’s a bit older. One of my fondest childhood memories is going ‘gallivanting’ with my dad on a Sunday afternoon. We would go out for long car rides and stop at car boot sales that we saw. He worked all week so it was a chance for us to spend time together – and for my stay-at-home mum to have a break! #FamilyFun
    The Squirmy Popple recently posted…All the things you didn’t know you knewMy Profile

    • That’s such a fab memory! It must have been have been such a special time. Yes, my daughter won’t remember anything just yet either. I don’t think I remember anything before I was just under 3! Thanks for reading x

  • What a lovely post. Hubby and I were talking today about what memories our two girls would have. I remember the warm donuts we would always buy in a Saturday morning after our clubs and my hubby was saying about raiding the vending machine after swimming lessons. I think it’s not the memories we think they will remember, but the every day life fun moments. #sharingthebloglove
    Jo from Organised Jo recently posted…Devon Days Out – Greenway, the home of Agatha ChristieMy Profile

    • Yes, I don’t think you can go out of your way to make memories. But they just happen naturally from a happy life and good experiences! Thanks for reading xx

  • I think we must be about the same age – so many of these were so familiar to me! The forever friends bedding, The Generation Game and Noel’s House Party, the coin holders. It’s funny to think about all those little things that my own children might remember – so often it’s what seems like the insignificant things that hold the strongest memories – for me anyway. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…#SharingtheBlogLove #40My Profile

    • Ah a fellow child of the 80’s / 90’s! Yes, I think you’re right that it’s the thing we won’t expect which will be the things they remember. Thanks for reading xx

  • I remember so much of this in my childhood too. We used to take a train journey to Windsor castle as children and loved it. I often wonder what parts of the childhood my girls are having that they will remember. I think high on the list will be the trips to the cafe for hot chocolate and cake! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • ‘Children are subjected to more testing and monitoring than when I was a kid.’ Amen to that! It’s one of the primary reasons we are planning to unschool. Lovelynpodt, makes you think!

    • I can definitely see the benefits of home schooling when it comes to testing (i.e. not subjecting your child to a load of KPI driven exams!). Thanks for reading x

  • I also had forever friends bedding when i was younger. Think i’ve still got it somwhere lol One thing that sticks with me from my childhood is our sunday walks over Cannock chase and then coming home and having beef burgers for lunch. So simple, but something i want to carry on with my daughter so she appreciates the great outdoors when she gets older too. #dreamteam

    • That’s a lovely memory! It’s nice to have memories that remind you of a ‘simpler’ time even though there were no doubt issues and dramas happening alongside it! Hope your daughter adopts your love of the outdoors. Thanks for reading x

  • My mummy had a wonderful childhood and remembers watching Noels House Party and The Bill. She loved playing in the garden and having street water fights. Nowadays children have a different type of childhood with technology in the way. #DreamTeam
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Silent Sunday 16.04.17My Profile

  • I remember Forever Friends! I’d forgotten all about them! #familyfunlinky
    Crummy Mummy recently posted…10 reasons I hate craftingMy Profile

  • I was thinking about what memories my little babes will have, they’re growing up in such a different world to us!! Who knows what the next five years will bring?! #dreamteam

    • It’s a mix of exciting and scary isn’t it! So many opportunities for them but yet they are definitely more exposed to the world. Guess that’s why we need to be there as parents… Thanks for reading! xx

  • There is so much of warmth and love in this post. I loved the vivid memory of smelling freshly ground coffee. We grind our own coffee at home and my husband always has our toddler smell it and he likes it! What a beautiful memory you share with your sister and mother. Ultimately, I guess pretty much everything we do is about making memories for our little ones and building traditions. #familyfunlinky (#30)

  • Oh I love this post – you’re so thoughtful. I know what you mean, my memories as a child were so much simpler times and I want that for Emma too. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…#DreamTeam #51My Profile

  • Oh, so many throwbacks in this which made me so sentimental! I have had these thoughts too and they fill me with guilt if I ever have a bad day with the kids as I worry they’ll remember me as a moody mummy who told them off all the time!
    Saturday nights are definitely for Noels house party and a chinese takeaway 😉
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub
    MMT recently posted…#coolmumclub Linky week 63My Profile

    • I doubt they’ll remember the moody times. It’s both a British trait and a Mum one to dwell on the little things we’ve not done as well as we’d like! Thanks for reading x

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