What Mini H did – 19 months

Inspired by other bloggers, I started a monthly post in July 2016 to record what H did and accomplished each month. She grows so fast that it’s easy to forget how much she grows and changes.

Ah little H, this month you seem to have grown up so much. How is it that in only 31 short days you feel ever closer to being a ‘big person’?! Part of me takes such joy in watching you but part of me is also crying and screaming silently, longing for you to slow down. But time will continue to pass, so here’s what you did up until turning 19 months old.

Indoor Play


> You’ve learnt to do jigsaws on your own. Initially I thought it was just yours. But when we went to the Banana Moon playgroup you also did some there!;

> I made a “nee naw” sound whilst driving one of your toy cars a few weeks ago. From that moment onwards, every single object you push around (from cars to boxes) gets accompanied by a “nee naw”. It makes us chuckle;

> We took you to ‘Gravity Force’, a trampoline park, for a Gravity Tots session. You thought it was amazing. Daddy and I are certain you were deliberately falling over as you ran like a nutcase down the bouncy running tracks;

Outdoor Play


> You’ve started kicking your ball around. Until this month you’d always preferred to just pick it up and throw it. You still like to throw things more than kick them but you get so excited about a game of kick with Daddy and I before bed;

> At the park you’ve suddenly become obsessed with the slides. Until this month it was all about the swings. But now when you get out your buggy you run straight to the nearest slide;

> We bought you your own slide last weekend. Initially you were really excited but I think you frightened yourself sliding down too fast, so you’re avoiding it at the moment;

> You are absolutely obsessed with the new water fountain Daddy installed. Every time you see it / want to see it, you just yell “bubbles!”;



> Like with the slide, you have become obsessed by climbing my Small One. You now take all and every opportunity to climb upstairs yourself. I can’t risk leaving the door to the hallway open even for a second;

> You noticed me use the bannister on the stairs last week too. So you regularly ask me to hold your left hand whilst you hold the bannister with you right and climb. You need to grow a tiny bit more to make it comfortable though so you usually get bored and ask for my other hand!;

> One of the reasons you’re obsessed with the slide is because you want to climb it. You insist on climbing the biggest slide at the park. You finally managed it last week. Mummy hates balancing on the steps behind you though, helping you with your balance. So it’s much better that we go with Daddy too…;

> You’ve finally braved climbing the garden stairs on your own though;

Getting dressed


> At the start of the month you finally managed to put on your socks without help;

> You then turned your attention to your shoes. You spent ages trying to get them on your feet. Once you managed that you had to work out the velcro buckle. And you managed it. Now you relish taking your shoes off and putting them on again…over and over!;

> You’re still obsessed with trying to dress yourself too. I left some washing in a box in the lounge only to have you appear in the kitchen one morning with some shorts on top of your leggings – red t-shirt, black leggings and pink shorts are a rather interesting combo…;



> I showed you how to “knock, knock” on the door before you go in. Now you knock on every door you come across with a little “knuck, knuck”;

> You seem to understand so much of what we say now. Although sometimes I think you are just saying “yah” rather than answering the question…perhaps in the hope of a snack! Daddy and I have to try and use codes sometimes else you latch on to a word (“milk”, “snack”, “outside”) and we don’t hear the end of it;

> When we were having a drink and snack in JL a couple walked by with a small baby. You pointed, turned to me, said “babby” and then signed baby (rocking your arms like you were holding a baby). It stunned me. It was never a sign we practiced much so you must do it at nursery. Since then you do that for every baby we see!;



> When we ask you if you’d like to you to bed, you get straight up and run to the door if you’re tired. Or shake your head and say “nah” if you don’t!;

> When you do head-up, you know to grab your milk beaker and take it with you. One day I came out of the kitchen and you’d even found your water beaker on the table to take up too – such a clever sausage;

> One night when you wouldn’t settle (it was so hot and muggy) I came to give you a drink. When I laid you back down I asked for a kiss so you took out your dummy for a kiss. Then you put both your hands on my face and pulled me back for 4 more kisses. When you were done you giggled and popped your dummy back in. After that you went straight to sleep. It was wonderful!

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