Missing my garden

When we moved in to our last house in 2007, the garden was just bare patches of grass. After years of effort, with support from my Mother-in-Law, it had really matured and came back looking stunning every spring with minimal effort. When we finally moved in September last year, the thing I felt the most gut-wrenching about leaving was the garden; Many of those plants I had nurtured from something as small as my hand to fully matured and established plants. I would have loved to have taken them with me, but that garden was their home.

Our old garden in spring a couple of years ago.

07. Garden
In a very dry June 2015, when we put the house on the market

The garden in our new house isn’t quite as big as our old one, but it has better border space for growing. However, the previous owners had openly told us they weren’t gardeners so when we moved it, it was just lots of overgrown shrubs. Over the last few months I have managed to sneak in a few bits of time in the garden. My MIL has also been a great help again (she also loves gardening and new challenges) and has helped to cut back a lot of the large shrubs I have no desire to keep. It’s slowly starting to feel a little more like my garden. But there is still a long way to go.

Back in November, the Acers finally got planted out. A few hours before an 8ft shrub had been resident there…

End of Feb / beginning of March is probably one of my least favourite times of year as a gardener. It’s warm enough that things are starting to grow, so it makes me want to get out and start planting. However, it’s still not quite warm enough to tackle the ‘basics’ like the lawn. So right now, all I see is a bit of a mess when I look out the window. I really want to cut the grass and edge the lawn – that in itself will make a massive difference. But even when the weather does improve, finding time to get out there is tricky. It’s still too damp and cold for H to sit and play out there, but there isn’t enough time to set-up, garden and pack away during her naps.

Again in November: lilac and hebe along the back fence so they can grow up and help give a bit of privacy.

Gardening is one of a few ways I really relax and unwind. There is something about immersing myself in the digging, pruning and nurturing which I find utterly absorbing whilst physically energising. I miss not being able to get out regularly like I used to. But the lighter evenings are coming. One positive of the clocks going forward at the end of the month means it should be after 7pm by the time the sun sets. So within the next 6 or so weeks, I might be able to sneak a bit of gardening in once H has gone to bed.

Front bed
The final November accomplishment: the front bed which gave a happy new home to 2 pot bound hebes, my wonderful hellebore and my hydrangea.

Until then I am trying to enjoy the few plants coming in to bloom. Fortunately the front flower bed still looks great with the hellebore in full and stunning flower. There is also my lovely little purple lace primular on our front step smiling up at me every time I go in and out the house!

Not the best photo, but look how beautiful!

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