My trip to Dublin

Yes, yet again another void of time has passed between blog entries. However, this time I have an excuse. Aside from a busy Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday afternoon I headed out to Dublin to attend the Irish Lotus User Group (ILUG)’s annual event – two days of all things Domino. I travelled out their with a colleague of mine, Tim, and by the time we arrived at our hotel (The Jury’s Inn on Parnell Street – very nice hotel) our only concern was food. We didn’t really know where we were going but eventually found some restaurants after heading past a giant spike thing (which I’m told is the ‘Millenium Needle’) and crossing the river. Sadly we had no luck in find traditional Irish fayre and we settled for Mexican after our stomachs wouldn’t cope any longer!

The following morning was an early start, which was a shame because I slept really well the hotel was so quiet. The agenda for both days was jam-packed with first day being more so because no-one had to dash off early for flights. We were all given the obligatory ‘bag’ for the event containing some goodies. This time is was a record bag sponsored by ‘BlackBerry’ with a t-shirt, USB stick with all the presentations for the conference and a USB cup warmer, amongst other things! I won’t bore you with details of the event, but from 7pm we all headed to a fancy nearby bar where IBM were providing us with drinks and food ‘gratis’ – very nice of them! I passed a good couple of hours chatting to lots of friendly people from all over, but sadly I zonked out at about 9.45pm and dived in a taxi back to my hotel to have a sleep.

Day 2 was just as busy but I did have one slot before lunch where none of the seminars caught my attention. So I seized the opportunity and went for a strole around Dublin. It was really nice! I went to St Steven’s Green and to Trinity College. I took some pics which Sam is going to Photo Shop for me and put online. I will add a link when I can! Tim and I decided to escape at 3 and from then on it was just the drawn out process of getting home (and we were delayed). I was glad to get home at 10pm and have a good long rest!

Saturday brought it’s own tiring events as headed back off house hunting. It was far less relaxing than last Saturday! However, we saw some more properties including seconding viewings of two we liked from last Saturday. We are now back into a period of decision making so will update as and when. Other than that, the weather this weekend has been horrible and we’ve done very little. We went to see Magicians today – it was ok. I shan’t say anymore here because all my reviews are supposed to go on Revado! So, on that note it’s time for hot milk and bed. That’s all folks…

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