On the move, or perhaps not…

Back in May, Sam and I decided to put our house on the market and look to buy our next house. We started the process at the start of June and I blogged about the process along the way to act as a ‘reminder’ of everything it took. However, being the private people we are, I held the blogs back until such a time as the process was complete.

Just when we thought we were getting close to exchange, something we weren’t quite expecting happened: our vendors took their house off the market. It was a horrible shock, not least because we’d had no indication (and the signs were their Estate Agent hadn’t mentioned it) and we thought we were so close. We considered renting and even went to view some places; After living in your own home for over 6 years though, the thought of moving in to some of the places we saw was just too depressing. The Monday after our weekend viewings, we decided to take our house off the market. It wasn’t a nice feeling doing to our buyers what had been done to us. But as Sam put it ‘that’s the rules of the game’ when it comes to the English conveyancing system and ultimately, it was our house!

So this blog finds us in the same house but happy about it. Things really do happen for a reason and buying and selling a home is one of the most inefficient and stressful processes I have seen. But what it has given us is a renewed appreciation for our current home and a lot of lessons learnt for when we eventually try again!

So, from the beginning:

On the move – part 1: We’re selling-up
On the move – part 2: Viewing some houses
On the move – part 3: The Open House
On the move – part 4: Viewings
On the move – part 5: Progress
On the move – part 6: A considerable amount of paperwork
On the move – part 7: Feeling out of control
On the move – part 8: And it drags on…

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