On the move – part 1: We’re selling-up

So, Sam and I have put our house on the market. We have been musing over moving for some time and we have now finally acted. At the time of writing this (5th June 2013) we aren’t really publically broadcasting it (aside from the house actually being for sale of course!). The process of buying and selling is fraught with challenges and issues, so we just want to quietly move through it all without making a big song and dance. That said, it’s quite an important and stressful time, so I wanted to blog about it. I’m just going to hold them all back until everything is a bit more settled! It would be wrong to go through such a dramatic event with no blog record.

I’m finding it quite an emotionally trying time. I love our current house and have loved the last 5.5 years (so far) that we have lived here. In tidying it up for the pictures, it also looks better than every (as my Dad said, there is nothing like an Estate Agent taking pics to make you do all the jobs you have been avoiding for ages!) and it makes me just want to stay! But, I know that we want to move and that we will go through this stress and emotion whenever we decide to move. So, it’s just part of the course.

What is interesting is that by putting the house on the market, it has ever so slightly changed the way I view it. It is still my house and I feel happiest here. But…every now and then you have a thought in the back of your mind that says “How would a buyer view this?” or “That needs cleaning” or “Better not do that in case you spill something on the carpet!”. Suddenly there are self-imposed restrictions on things I do in case it impacts our ability to sell!

Then on the flip side, I have developed a minor Right Move obsession! Even though I have alerts set-up to tell me if new properties come on, I find myself checking a few times a day just in case. Then there are houses we like the look of which I watch in a concerned way in case they sell. But, if they sell, they sell and there is nothing we can do about it. Yet, I worry anyway! At least after we have viewed some places on Saturday, there will be a little bit more founding to my neuroses. Then it’ll only be a week until our ‘Open House’ event so I can direct more of my stress towards that… *Sigh*.

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