On the move – part 7: Feeling out of control

We are now in to August, Wednesday 7 to be precise, and things are ticking along. Our house (as in our current home) was surveyed on Monday as was the house we are looking to buy. This resulted in an ‘acceptable valuation’, thus allowing the mortgage to be confirmed. There is something weird about being happy that you can borrow a scary amount of money which you will pay back a gut-wrenching amount of interest on, but anyway…

We’ll have to wait for the survey to come back so we can see ‘what the deal is’. But, as an aside, I did follow-up with our solicitor to see if they’d had any enquiries from the buyers yet about the contract. After a couple of days of to-ing and fro-ing, including getting the Estate Agent to help (which they didn’t seem to really!), we have established that they have ordered searches and plan to email queries shortly.

So, to sum up, they are doing it but are just a bit behind where our solicitors are by a couple of weeks. Sure it’s not the end of the world. But, I cannot help but get frustrated in any situation by this sort of delay. There may well be a valid reason but it has furthered underlined something which has been unsettling me for most of this process: we have no control. Over anything. At all. The last bit is a slight exaggeration I suppose but the ability to ‘nag’ people isn’t really control. We are just in a process now and we have to just wait for it to play out. I hate this sort of situation..!

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