Room 101: People walking whilst on mobile phones

As a commuter, I hit this frustration day-in, day-out: people dawdling along the street because they are on their phone. Yes, you can argue this is the point of a mobile. But I’m not sure I have much tolerance for that argument. It’s bad enough having to try and nip past someone who is walking at a continually varying speed because they are chatting – at least you can see they are on the phone though. But what really, really bugs me is people who are texting, emailing, Facebook-ing (!) or dialling.

Too many times I have had someone almost stop dead in the street in front of me whilst trying to dial a number or read an email on their tiny Blackberry screen. Whilst they insist on starting work 500m from the office, they just hinder the rest of us from getting to the door to work properly. Not that, but most people in London look disgruntled that you didn’t divine the fact they were going to stop.

It has been proven that people cannot really multi-task. Walking and reading certainly don’t mesh well because both need to make use of the eyes. Until we grow a second set, walking and using the ‘smart’ capabilities on mobiles will not work! Just stand to the side or wait until you et to your destination people…please!

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