Some thoughts on tea

As friends will know, I am a big tea lover. I can get by without it; Indeed if we go on holiday to Europe, it’s not always easy to get a cuppa. But I do find the day is better with several mugs of the delightful warm elixir.

Now tea comes in many forms and it has long been said that excessive caffeine should be avoided. So over the years I have attempted to drink different types of tea. I started with fruit teas but they aren’t really teas – they are dried ‘stuff’ which smells nice but tastes of very little. So I tried green tea but I find it quite bitter, especially if it is over-brewed. I just couldn’t embed it in to ‘my life’ so I abandoned that and decided I should just try and ‘broaden’ by tea horizons.

Over the years though I have come to realise one simple fact: I just like normal tea. I would attempt to describe it, but recently it was wonderfully summed-up by TV presenter Victoria Coren on Room 101. Now, Victora has in the past frustrated me; Mainly because whenever she guests on Have I Got News For You, she gets Ian Hislop really wound-up and it becomes like an episode of Daily Politics. However, with this mere 3 minute campaign to support normal tea, she has really started to endeer herself to me!

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