A happy – but far too hot – ordinary family weekend!

Woah, where on earth have these temperatures come from? A few weeks ago we seemed to only just get mild spring mornings then suddenly late last week it was as if the British Isles had been relocated to the tropics! Now I do enjoy a bit of good weather, but I can tell you that since the weekend we’ve been struggling with the heat in Casa Watling. That said, we were determined to not let that stop us from having a fun weekend which we did indeed! We didn’t do anything fancy though – we just took pleasure out of the ordinary and it was such a lovely couple of days.



For Little H and I, the weekend starts on Friday. We met some friends of ours who we see far less than we’d like. A new play session has recently started at the local Family Centre only 5 minutes from our house – Run Around Rascals – and we decided to give it a try. I thought Little H would love the bouncy castle but in reality she spent the entire time in the ball pool and on the little trikes! It was a really fun session and, whilst it would get a bit samey to go each Friday, it’s awesome that we have something so close!

Walking Home

The afternoon was quite quiet. The temperature was starting to pick-up so Little H was groggy from her nap. We popped to town to do some chores and, unusually for her now, she wanted to go in the buggy. She enjoyed people watching whilst eating snacks. It was really handy actually as I got all my chores done efficiently without having to carry a weary toddler! By the evening I was zonked so flopped on the sofa with Sam to watch a film. We gave ‘Avengers Assemble’ a second go – better than I remember it being but a smidge long.


Little H’s love of trains has reached new heights recently. One of the best garden centres near us has an awesome mini steam railway: picture a tunnel, bridge over a lily pond, signal gantry, model cricketers on a green, landscaped gardens and operators in proper overalls with hats and whistles. So we decided to head over and take her for a ride. It also gave me a great opportunity to spend some kindly gifted birthday monies on some nice plants for the garden. Little H loved the train and then whilst I was plant selecting, Sam took her round the small animal farm they have for kids. She was in her element!


Little H conked out for a nap once we got home. Sam and I had planmed to go on our laptops (it was far too hot outside!) but we discovered our internet was down. ARGH! But there was a silver lining though – we took the naptime as an opportunity to just chill out and watch some telly together. Then eventually I braved the garden to put some of my plants out! Once Little H was up, she played indoors before venturing out to the garden at tea time and then taking her dad for a pre-bed walk which wore her out!



Sam headed off for a very hot cycle on Sunday morning. Little H and I sheltered inside before going into town. We did a bit of shopping then went for a cheeky cheese scone and drink at John Lewis. LIttle H did not want to get out the buggy for any of the walk though because it was so hot! After a rather fraught trip to Sainsbury’s (the whole world seemed to be buying food for a Father’s Day BBQ or something!) we made it home. I overheated making a tasty lunch but it got gobbled up and then Little H crashed out for a snooze. Fortunately the internet was up for naptime because I really need a rest. I discovered ‘Cruel Intentions’ on Netflix – a right flashback to teenage years – and watched a bit of it. Then I got the paddling pool set-up for Little H.

Hair Washing

When Little H woke up from her nap she was a groggy little clam-fest. She’s often a bit emotional when she first wakes up and today was even worse because of the heat. But the moment I told her about the paddling pool she was up and asking so to go in. She played out the for almost an hour and a half. She had great fun, especially when she ‘washed her hair’ and then decided to do the same to her dad. It made her shriek with laughter when he shuddered at the cold. We also shared a family bowl of frozen yoghurt which, once Little H had tasted it, mostly went in her mouth!

Paddling Pool

By the evening, I was shattered. I did the ironing (as quick as possible to avoid overheating) and then chilled out watching some ‘Father Ted’ episodes. It was such a lovely weekend and I was so sad that it came to an end. But then they always say that happens to good things. And I’m looking forward to another fun filled weekend to come!

What did you do over the heatwave weekend? How did you manage to stay cool? How did your small people cope with it?
Do share any tips for keeping them cool and happy during such hot weather as I always need new tips!

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