Tales of Little Z – 2.10, 2.11 & 3.0 years

Then suddenly…you were 3. How on earth did that happen, huh? I remember the day you were born and yet, after the year we’ve had, it seems like a life-time ago. What a strange third year you’ve had; the year where you would normally be exploring the world and building relationships and friendships, you’ve had to be at a distance. Yet you’ve still thrived and thanks to your nursery experience and, in many ways, I think the abundance of time has helped with your investigative skills – so much time to run, empty everything out of cupboard and suddenly, after lots of ‘terrorising’ the lounge plenty of time to immerse in a game of Sylvanians. You’ve had such an amazing third year and her are some snippets from the final months.

• • I found an “Where’s my cupcake?” game in the spare room that Little H has been given as a gift a couple of years ago. You are obsessed with the cakes. I don’t think a day goes by when you don’t empty them out and dish them out as ‘treats’ to us all. We’ve never played the real game once…

• • One nursery morning you went to grab your light jacket. It was mid-winter so Daddy stopped you and told you it was too think. You looked at him and said “I no understand “Too thin”.” So Daddy explained what he meant in simpler terms to which you responded “Oh, okay!” and got your bigger coat. So sweet!

• • At 33 months, you went through a phase of saying “Honk honk” at random or at the end of sentences. You found it so amusing!

• • We went to collect Little H from Auntie S’s house where she’d been for schooling that day. We pulled-up and asked if we were going to Nana & Grandad’s house. I told you that no, this was S’s new house and you replied in a high-pitched voice: “Dey got a new house? It’s lovvvvelyyyy!”.

• • You are so independent now and love to do loads of jobs to help. One day after playing with your Play Doh you did an amazing job hoovering under the table. But you only do it when you want to of course.

• • One Sunday it snowed – properly snowed. You were overjoyed and loved it. We walked through the flumes of snow and later made a snow man. You also made a mount of snowballs near the front door because you didn’t want to smash them up.

• • Cat – the toy you got for Christmas – is now a firm favourite.

• • You still love lots of cuddles.

• • Several times a day you just “need” to run – usually at meal times!

• • When we ask what you had for tea at nursery, you usually day soup. When we ask you what kind, you reply “black soup”. One time you also told daddy you’d had potatoes for lunch. He asked you if that was right and you just chucked and said “That’s my game!”. So who knows what you ate!

• • You love a little giraffe that use to be Little H’s. You call it Bigraff!

• • We agreed for you to move up to pre-school a month early. You and a friend went to look round and you loved it. You told me your favourite part of the room was the role play area and it made me smile as that used to be Little H’s too! Every day since moving, Role Play is your favourite part of the day! You were also thrilled they had Lego up there.

• • When you moved up, you _loved_ your first day. You were exhausted though and barely made it to bedtime.

• • On weekend mornings you like to come into our room and climb into bed with us. I love it, especially because eventually Little H appears too and she’d stopped coming into bed with us!

• • You never just go to bed like Little H did. You faff like anything, coming out and asking for things. You also like to ignore your morning GroClock and appear half an hour early very regularly!

• • When I ask you what you are doing, or you show me a choice you’ve made, you keep saying “That’s my option.”. It makes me smile!

• • When I bring you something, you always say “Thank-you mamma!”. It’s heart-melting!

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