Tales of Little Z – 2.4, 2.5 & 2.6 years

Another weird period of life, as we moved into the second quarter of your third year, you were able to go back to nursery again. I think that was a bigger shock for you than lockdown, I think. But you adjusted back quite quickly and relished being with your peers and friends again. You relished the summer weather and the freedom of the garden, running and scooting all over the place. There are so many delightful memories from this summer so let’s dive in:

• • On 15th June, we had our last day in cloth nappies. We decided to start potty training and put you in pull-ups to make it easier. It was a sad day to say goodbye to cloth I must admit.

• • Daddy was tidying the garden before bed. You saw him and flew through the house to the backdoor shouting “Help Daddy tidy. Love die garden!”. It made me smile.

• • Walking upstairs you turned me, held your hand out in a stop position and told me “Move de-way.” (“Move away”) I did a joke sad face and you reached out and said “Love die mummy.”. Then you climbed one more step before adding “Best friend!”. I almost cried it was so sweet. Of course not long after you also said a bottle of bubble bath was your best friend!

• • At meal times you like to be “way-tress” with Little H and carry through the food.

• • You are now in a big girl duvet and pillow.

• • Baleancin’ = balancing. Whenever you can you love to baleance on things. You miss Tumble Tots so you were over-joyed when the parks re-opened and we discovered they’d installed new balance beams.

• • When we sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” you like to replace “3 bags full” with “lots and lots”.

• • When you see a woodlouse, you refer to it as a “wooden mouse”.

• • When you are angry or excited, you can go incredibly high-pitched!

• • You really love “abocado”.

• • Before lunch you will mooch up to me and enquire “Wass for lunch da-day?”.

• • You like to stand at the conservatory door, stick your arms out and cry “Super Z” before running all the way through the house!

• • As you approached 30 months, you were sat in your room with Daddy for book time. I came in and you patted a space next to you. I sat down and you stuck your adorable little arm round me. It was so sweet, yet again I almost cried.

• • In the bath one night, you told us that you’d been playing with Alexander at nursery. Little H then said she had an Alexander in her class and Daddy mentioned her had two at his work. Little H started counting when all of a sudden you just said “Four Alexanders.” as you carried on playing. It must have been fluke but for a second we were stunned then found it very funny.

• • After bath one night, having been to the zoo that day, you suddenly looked at me and said “It was a lovely picnic at die zoo!”. Daddy made it so I told him and he was very chuffed when you then told him “Love die picnic!”.

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