Tales of Little Z – 2.7, 2.8 & 2.9 years

My Zoom-a-looma – how you have grown and developed over these three months. You are definitely moving from being a toddler and becoming a little girl. A little girl with so much energy, so much sass and so much gentleness all at the same time. You love us all so much – wanting to see us all first thing in the morning; dashing into the house as soon as we get home from nursery so you can see you daddy.

You’ve loved getting out into the world a little again as things opened up slightly. We were finally able to get back to your weekly class, albeit a new one. The impact of the lockdown on your became obvious – you had become far more timid that you were before the lockdown even though you had always been a cautious soul around unknown people. But as the weeks progressed, you started to relax a little. I’ll be very glad when we get some freedoms back and I can take you back into the wider world again! But enough on that for now… Let’s look at the third quarter of your third year!

• • We pulled onto the drive after nursery one evening. Daddy opened the door and you called from the car “Daddy! I need water please.”. I told you I had your beaker in the car and I passed it to you. You took it, smiled and looked at Daddy as you called “Thank-you Daddy!”. Hmmph!

• • Rather than say “quickly” and “actually”, you have your own versions: “wickly” and “attully” (with a real emphasis on the “tt”.

• • Just before 30 months, you dropped your nap at home. After lunch you would repeatedly tell me you didn’t want to nap. Although for a little while you were occasionally in need of a break so would reluctantly go for “quiet time” with a massive pile of books.

• • When we got in the house after school pick-up, you would routinely walk-up to Little H and hug her because you’d wanted her home all day.

• • One day Little H was crying after school. You pottered into your room calling out to her as you went “Little H, stop cryin’ darlin'”. I’m not sure your sister knew what to make of that.

• • You started to talk about all your nursery friends a lot: Frankie, Albie, Alex, Rose and “Purple Stone”.

• • When you want to do something and we won’t let you, you always try and reason by saying”Five Second. FIVE SECONDS.”

• • I can’t do anything in the kitchen without you wanting to be on the stool next to me.

• • You screech like a lunatic going down slops on your scooter or bike. You love it!

• • One month after inheriting Little H’s old pedal bike, you were riding with stabilisers like a pro. I also didn’t think it would be easy to topple over a bike with stabilisers but you have managed on several occasions!

• • I took you for your first nasal flu vaccine and you were not fussed at all, even with other kids crying in neighbouring rooms. Later that day I asked you your favourite part of the day and you replied “The nose spray…”. Funny lass.

• • We were playing “hotels” at bedtime. I pretended to tell you and Little H the price. Little H gave me pretend money. You pottered off and game back with a small round leaf which had fallen off one of my plants. You passed it to me and said “Here you go.” before mooching off to your room.

• • Just after you turned 32 months, we moved you to your toddler bed. I walked in one day and you just looked far too big to be asking to get out of your cot. You were so excited to help build and the to sleep in your “big girl bed”.

• • One Friday I decided it was time to retry toilet training. Daddy got the potties back out as they were easier than the toilet. We got a star chart ready and after a couple of false starts you started to get it. From there you got better and better. By Monday, you had a completely nappy-free afternoon and then on Tuesday you were nappy-free most of the day at nursery with only a single accident. Amazing!

• • Cucumber = concumber

• • You were getting very faffy in your high chair so we swapped you to a normal chair. You grumbled for a day or two but then you just accepted it and moved on. Instead you started playing musical chairs but getting cross if anyone sat in your seat.

• • One day you ran off with my alarm clock. I forgot you’d had it and then realised it was missing after you’d gone to bed. I looked everywhere for it but to no avail. At 6am, Little H appeared next to my side of the bed as Daddy and I slept. Under her bed, my alarm clock was blaring out a musical number thanks to you abandoning it there after turning on the alarm.

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