Tales of Little Z – 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 years

Ah my Little Zoom, this fourth year of your life is already flying by. In the last three months your language skills have developed so much and your confidence is slowly growing now we are able to go back out and about in the world. You are starting to develop real friendships and you love to help me in the kitchen. Your hair is also getting quite long now but it’s so “curly wurly” that it still looks quite short! Without question, one of the most exciting events of the quarter for you was when the zoo re-opened in May. You were beyond excited to get back there and check all of the animals were okay. And have a picnic. Always a picnic for a zoo visit now!

• • One Monday I’d been on my feet all day. When I finally sat down you said “You’re a monster, chase me!”. So I reached out to catch you as you ran past my chair and you stopped and said “No, on your feet!”. No more sitting down for Mama.

• • Occasionally you just walk up to people and ask “Are you happy?” with an enquiring look. Before they respond you then usually add “I’m happy!”.

• • A new trend is for you to tell us “You’re my best friend!” or, more often, “You’re not my best friend!” when you don’t get your own way.

• • For the first time you were extremely invested in the Easter hunt. In fact, you had two – one at home and one at Nana and Grandad’s, put on my by your Auntie. You would have eaten all your chocolate if we’d let you!

• • Finally, after over a year, you finally got to play with your cousin, Little J. It was fantastic!

• • You have settled into pre-school so well and your learning and speech has jumped another notch as a result. You talk about your friends a lot more and always have such a good day.

• • Your confidence is slowly growing – you started randomly telling an elderly lady about your scooter, rucksack and “Dada gettin’ raisins” [from Co-op]. You later bumped into Carol next door and gave her a scooter demo.

• • You were talking about a pretend magical unicorn. But you couldn’t say magical and instead said “mad circle”. It made me chuckle.

• • When we go walking or scooting, you get cross if we walk on your “soft bits” of path – basically any smooth strips where the path has been dug-up and re-surfaced.

• • If I am wearing a top with hood chords, you often grab them, tell me I’m your “clippy clop” and pretend you are riding me. Random.

• • When we collect Little H from school, you like me to lift you up so you can see her over the fence and call to her.

• • For some reason you like to pretend you are a “little baby” and crawl around. Often you are a baby rabbit or a baby cat instead. But if we say you can’t do something because you are a bay, you quickly become a big girl again.

• • You are getting really good at numbers. It’s been months since you could count to 20 but now you’ll hold-up your fingers to show different values. You are also really good at counting contextually on sight.

• • When you look at books, you like the trace the letters with your finger. You are obsessed with the white-clean learn-to-write books.

• • One morning when walking home from school, you discovered a branch which had fallen off a tree. You ‘acquired’ it and dragged it most of the way home…until you got tired and made me drag it so you could leave it on the front lawn!

• • When you go walking you love to collect pinecones, leaves and rocks but you now avoid flowers because you understand they die when you pick them.

• • Your love of the ‘The Highway Rat’ continues. It’s your first choice episode for quiet time.

• • ‘Rainbow’ is your favourite colour. You want everything to be rainbow. If it’s more than one colour, it’s rainbow.

• • I took you and Little H to Capel Manor at half term. We walked round a corner to a border full of different coloured rhododendrons. You gasped and cried out “Rainbow flowers!”. It was very sweet…until you wanted to pick them all.

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