Tales of Little Z – 3.4, 3.5 & 3.6 years

Zoomy, these last few months seem to have been full of adventures for us. Oh they have been simple things but we’ve finally been able to get out and enjoy the little things like a Monday-morning-post-school-run babychino. You’ve grown so much over the summer and you’re fast becoming a proper little girl. You are growing more confident in yourself and your abilities and it amuses us no end how you can go from being an absolute terror to being so caring and gentle. It’s been a great few months my love!

• • Your forward counting is really strong but you’re also really nailing counting backwards too.

• • Clearly you are a rock fan because you love ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’, ‘Barracuda’, ‘Rock n’ Roll Rules’ and ‘Crazy Train’ on ‘The Trolls World Tour’ soundtrack. We often have to listen to them on repeat!

• • You are also obsessed with the Trolls films. Whenever I ask what you want to watch, it’s always “Trolls World Tour”!

• • We went for lunch for my birthday and you had a great time. It was the first time you’d been out since the pandemic started and we were concerned you’d find it ‘a lot’ but we needn’t have worried at all.

• • You have been enjoying all of the activities we’re now able to do – trampolining, soft play, your Friday activity class. It’s wonderful to see your confidence slowly growing.

• • On Saturday mornings, you have started going to Nana and Grandads’ house for a couple of hours on your own with them whilst Little H swims. You love to one-to-one time with them.

• • You went through a phase of telling things – bees, spiders, us – to ‘shoo, shoo’ whilst waving your hand with an angry face. It was so funny!

• • We finally managed to go on a small holiday over the summer, the first you’ll have been able to remember. You were so confused about staying away from home but you were so excited to stay somewhere new.

• • Whenever I collect you from nursery you dash out and immediately dash out and start to swing, climb or spin round the temporary shelter outside for parents. When your friends come out too, you all run about together and it’s adorable to watch.

• • One night I was sitting down for my yoga when I heard you on the monitor: “I love you. I love you Purple Bunny!”. Then you suddenly went quiet and when I looked you’d gone to sleep.

• • Often you’ll pretend you are Elsa and you’ll pit your hand out and go “Freeze, freeze.” at different things, including us.

• • You went swimming on holiday which was your first time in the pool since you were a baby. The floor was nice and low so you enjoyed mooching about with your arm bands on.

• • Your writing is really progressing. You can write your name (albeit in a swirly way and with a backwards ‘z’) and you can write a big ‘H’ for your sister.

• • One of your favourite quirky phrases is that you called mozzarella ‘Cinderella cheese’. Haha!

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