Tales of Little Z – 4, 5 and 6 months

Six months already Little Z! How are we already at six months?! Time has genuinely flown. I’m tired and I’ve still not even started trying to get properly fit again. But I’m so grateful everyday that you are here. Every morning (yep, you’re still sleeping next to me because you insist on waking up lots for your milkies!) I wake up to a big giant grin. And every time I go and get you from your nap, you beam at me. Those are some of my favourite times of the day. I started bullet pointing some of your accomplishments but keep failed miserably to do it consistently. So this quarter is a bit of mix of bullet points and random thoughts. But hopefully all still good memories!

• • You rolled from your back to your front for the first time at 14 weeks and 2 days old.  I thought you’d done it a second time but it turns out Little H ‘helped’ you. Then at 15 weeks and 6 days you perfected your roll to get your arm fully out so you could prop yourself up. You finally completed the ‘rolls’ when at 16 weeks and 1 day you managed to roll from front to back!

• • At 3 months I started putting you upstairs for your naps. I thought it might take some time to get you used to it but you adapted really well. In fact I think you were so ready to sleep upstairs in the quiet and have your own time.

• • You adore your sister. Sometimes she tires you out a lot of the time because she is full on and never stops until her head hits the pillow. But you relish watching her play, laughing at her funny faces and listening to her read you stories. No matter how stressed out and tired you are at bedtime, you’re always so calm laying watching me dry Little H’s hair as she reads you some books (her own ‘adapted’ stories of course!).


• • You’re still such a calm baby. One day at about 4.5 months you had bad wind and wouldn’t settle at bedtime and it was such a shock. It turns out you had terrible wind and eventually we really settled you down. It really showed me how more aware and mentally attuned you had become though.

• • At 4 months, your sleep ‘changed’. You hit the infamous ‘4 month regression’ and went from one feed between 7:30pm – 6:30am back to three feeds. It was a bit of a shock for me, mainly because unlike when you were a newborn you didn’t immediately settle back to sleep. I tried to explain that nighttime wasn’t chat time but you would just grin back and chunter away!

• • You’ve been trying to crawl around. You haven’t figured out how to move forward yet but you have been rotating round the mat since about 5 months. One of the reasons you haven’t nailed the crawling I’m sure is because you really want to walk! You desperately want to walk.

• • Because you love standing, we got the bouncer down for you at about 4 months. When we put you in it, your face lit up. And even now, you still absolutely love being in the bouncer! Without a doubt it’s your favourite thing.

• • Shortly at 5 months I started weaning you. You immediately loved your food. So far you’ve had sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip, apple, pear, peach, raspberry, plum, baby porridge and yoghurt. The only thing you weren’t keen on was the plum! It was mixed with apple but still a bit tart so we might try that again soon with some yoghurt!

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