The chicken pox diaries, part I

Day 0

Little H is splashing around in the bath after a busy day at nursery. I come in to get her out and my Mum-Senses are immediately drawn to some spots on her shoulders, lower tummy and back. Much to her annoyance I proceed to examine them. I’ve convinced myself Little H has chicken pox on several occasions that turned out to be nothing. This time though, my instincts tell me this was the real deal. Without a doubt the spots are blistery. There just aren’t many of them which leaves me doubting myself.

Bedtime complete and Little H all tucked up, I consult the trusty NHS site. The pictures of chicken pox look exactly like what I had seen. That night I can’t settle to sleep and feel really anxious. I have a strong feeling I’ll be staying at home in the morning. But knowing I’ll have to get up and get ready like normal before I can get Little H up to confirm one-way or the other makes me bizarrely unsettled!

Day 1

I drag myself out of bed at the 6am alarm and get ready for work. I feel really groggy and distracted. At 6:40am I go into Little H and the spots are still there along with a few new friends. Even if they aren’t CP, I can’t send her to nursery until I’ve got a professional confirmation. So I get change back into civvies whilst H runs around chattering.

Workmen are due to continue refitting our eaves so Sam has to turn off the downstairs light fuse so they can unwire the porch light. Little H and I are sat in dingy lamplight whilst Sam tries to instruct me in how to get the lights back on later. Whilst I’m not watching, Little H pinches both of the breakfast muffins we were sharing and demolishes them both. The hunger, dinginess and information overload add to my unsettled feeling.

Little H is in good spirits and plays quietly. I ring the nursery and then the doctor. I get an appointment without any question. We play at home until it’s time for the appointment and then head to the surgery. We have to be quarantined in a room away from everyone. Cue a game of ‘Keep the Toddler from Dismantling the Consultancy Room’ for 25 mins as the doc is running late. We weigh her on the scales and measuring her height using the equipment in the room. Haha!

Eventually the doctor comes to get us. She checks Little H over in full and confirms it’s probably CP. But she says it looks like a mild case. Check up complete, we gathering our things to leave when Little H says “Thank you doctor! Bye bye.”. She got a big “Awwww, that’s lovely! “from the doc.

We head home and Little H watches Peppa sat on the sofa whilst I make lunch. She goes for a nap and sleeps for a good 90 minutes. I spend the time tidying-up, doing a few bits of urgent work I would have done in the office (and cancelling all my meetings tomorrow) and then do some blog reading. All whilst watching ‘About Time‘ on TV because it’s a light film.

After her nap Little H is a bit more emotional. She doesn’t want to go for a walk or into the garden. So we potter around the house, watching a bit of Peppa, colouring and playing with her animals. She’s excited to see her daddy when he gets home and dashes straight upstairs when we say bedtime at 6:15pm.

She goes to bed well but cocoons herself into her duvet. I need some air so I go out for a walk for 30 minutes. When I get back we have dinner. As we are catching up on ‘Broadchurch’ at 9pm she starts to cry. I go into and she is damp all over from sweat. She sits on Sam’s knee (initially crying until she elbows him in the chin and laughs) whilst I swap her duvet for cellulose blankets. She has some calpol and goes back to bed in just a nappy. She’s asleep in minutes and we retreat downstairs to chill out a bit.

Day 2

I was out like a light last night. I woke a few times in the night and quickly checked Little H on the monitor but she was out for the count. When the alarm goes off, I wake-up feeling groggy. Knowing I’m definitely at home today means I don’t feel anxious so I doze whilst Sam’s in the shower. When I check the monitor, Little H has barely moved. My mind suddenly goes to it’s dark place irrational panic sets in as my mind starts asking “Oh my goodness, is she alive?!”. (Yes, I quickly get that anxious about her – crazy isn’t it!). After I’m showered I creep into her room and I’m greeting by a sleepy but smiley face. Phew!

Little H chats to Sam a bit before he goes and then we watch ‘Cars’ whilst eating toast and jam for breakfast. After that Little H passes the morning playing with various toys. She doesn’t seem bothered about being at home for so long…rare for her. She definitely seems more lethargic. Some of her spots are getting quite swollen now too and I can see they are irritating her a bit.

The workmen are replacing the eaves at the back of the house today. But they finish-up by 11:15am. I suggest a walk to Little H but she wants to go in the back garden. It’s sunny so she only has to wear her waterproof trousers and sunglasses. She enjoys running around, going on her slide and doing some ‘wheelbarrow’ water play. I do a cheeky bit of weeding. After half an hour she declares “No more back garden.” and goes inside! Okay then.

I defrost some ratatouille from the freezer for lunch and we eat it with cous cous and cheese. Little H loves it and eats the entire plate. Then whilst I’m getting more water she steals some of mine! Cheeky lass. After that we go up early for her nap as she’s tired. There is a small ‘incident’ on the carpet when she’s having some nappy-off time after using the potty. Once I’ve cleared it up, she goes down for her nap happily.

I have had really bad back all morning – I think from being sat around too much. So as soon as she’s down for her nap I do a 35 minute Davina exercise session. It energises me and my back feels better. I shower, then watch ‘Dr Who’ whilst having tea, checking a couple of work things and writing on my blog.

Little H is clearly feeling a bit worse for wear after her nap. She’s happy but easily upset and uncomfortable in her skin. After a snack of bread and butter, I pop her in the buggy for a walk. Fortunately we live in a quiet and very open area; we were able to walk for almost an hour without going close to anyone. Little H happily sits in her buggy the whole time which never happens these days so I can tell she’s not feeling great.

By 6pm she’s getting really emotional and is obviously tired. We go up a bit early and give her a bath. She gets upset but she needs the wash. We calamine up, she has some calpol and then get to bed by 7pm on the nose. After all the walking, exercising and general play, I am really achy so I tidy-up, make some dinner and the spend the evening on the sofa…again!

Day 3

I do not want to get out of bed this morning. At best Sam and I got 3 hours of broken sleep last night. Little H woke a couple of times and then eventually cried enough for me to bring her in to our bed. BIG MISTAKE! Unlike previous co-sleeping escapades, this time she wouldn’t keep still and after about 2 hours I took her back to her cot where she happily this time went straight to sleep.

Sam struggles up and off to work. I struggle to stop Little H from scratching and to have some food and drink. She’s got a lot more spots overnight and they are clearly itchy. She spends some time in just her dressing gown and a nappy. Eventually she lets me put calamine lotion on and dress her in a loose tunic and leggings. I also look in her mouth and discover one of her back molars is starting the journey to the surface. Joy! Because the pox isn’t enough for her (and us) to cope with.

The morning passes in a haze of ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Wall-e’, Heart radio and bringing Little H every snack that she demands but then won’t eat. Except chopped apricot. She is really into chopped “apcot” right now. She’s clearly tired but doesn’t want to go for a nap. I make her a little bed on the sofa and laying down calms her, but she doesn’t sleep. At 11:45am I take her upstairs crying to sleep properly. Once she’s actually in her cot she’s quite happy and quickly nods off.

Naptime follows the usual sofa based pattern, along with a fish finger sandwich – living it up. I watch a bit of comedy on TV because the quarantine conditions are hitting me hard today. I’m feeling a bit fed-up – of course not helped by the extreme tiredness. I can’t imagine how I coped on this little sleep for days in a row back in newborn days, although of course Little H didn’t demand the entertainment back then that she does today!


She amazingly sleeps for 3 hours and 15 minutes. When she wakes up she seems a bit happier. She eats a fair amount of her pasta lunch then plays in the garden for a bit on her slide and her bike. When she’s had enough at go inside and a Peppa based afternoon ensues. I’m getting a bit fed up of that little piggy now! She keeps getting tired so bad a ‘sleep’ in her sofa bed. As soon as Sam gets home she perks up and is running around playing with her animals. We have an efficient bedtime with no drama and she chats and sings until she falls asleep like normal. Time will only tell what the nighttime holds..!

Part 2 to follow… [Published on 14/03/2017]

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