The first garden session of the spring

Last week I was feeling a bit fed-up about the state of the garden and the fact I couldn’t get out to do anything. But the weather has really picked up over the last week and some of the days have been delightfully sunny. Yesterday was one such day and when H went for her afternoon nap it was the optimal temperature (about 12 degrees in the shade) for gardening.

Cut lawn and edged borders. A step forward!

I was out there for an hour and all things considered I made really good progress. I finally gave the lawn it’s first mow of the year, which massively cheered me up as it was looking like a jungle. It took a good half an hour to cut and the finish was average. But it always is on the first mow so as long as I now cut it regularly it should hopefully improve as it dries out more. I also manage to edge the borders and turn some of the bedding soil where the grass had spread from the lawn. It looks much neater than it did. There are also signs of life coming through:

Patio Rose
Patio Rose – quite green for the time of year

Lone Daff
A lone daff

Crocuses – not bad for a £1 pot from B&Q

Tuplips on the way up

So there are signs of life which are brightening up the garden. My Mother in Law has just brought me a new Photinia Red Robin too which I have always loved. I am going to put it in the right hand bed to form an attractive tree.

Photinia Red Robin
Photinia Red Robin

So some excellent developments for only a week and hopefully I’ll sneak in some more time over the next couple of weeks. I really want to get a small veg plot going near the house using this awesome veg kit my friend got me for Christmas. So watch this space!

Veg Theatre

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