The one with all the Friends re-runs

I can still remember the day, in 2004, when ‘Friends’ finally came to an end. It was momentous day; The sitcom, in it’s tenth season at that point, had seen me through all of my teenage years and university. In fact, I watched the final episode sat with all my friends in Dave’s room (he had the big TV) during our final year at Durham. We all had a cuppa and we squashed on the bed – it was a moment to be shared with others!


For about 5 years after the series finished, you could without a doubt catch re-runs several times a day on Channel 4, E4 and their respective +1s. But in the late noughties, they were replaced by newer shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (not as epic but do quite enjoy it) and ‘Big Bang Theory’ (people claim to love it but have never got in to it myself!). Sad as it was, it was time for us to move on; ‘Friends’ was a show born in the 90s – it didn’t fit in to 2010.

Then at some point a few months ago, I had a sudden interest in watching them all again. Having not seen a single episode for over 4 years, I wanted to see the series which has so heavily influenced me when I was growing up. Even now, my friend Carol and I can drop a ‘Friends’ quotation in to conversation and the other will get it! So Sam recovered the box set from the loft and we have since been working our way back through. Already on series 7 I can confirm the early series are by far the funniest, but every episode is still light and amusing watching. I, of course, had to tweet Carol and tell her the moment the ‘Friends’ revival started! What amuses me the most is that I remember almost every line of every episode. If only I could have such a good memory for more important things.

So I shall leave you now with one the clips my friends and I always found the funniest; A clip we once spent about 20 mins trying to locate back in the days before Google and IMDB helped you track these things down quickly. Just remember to “PIVOT!”:

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