Unintended silence

Every single week over the last few months, I have thought of at least one thing I wanted to write about on my blog. But once work is done, the girls are fed / watered / educated / contented, the house tidied and Sam and I are few / watered / exercised / have done all of our administration…well I just had no oomph to write. No desire to get my laptop out again to put fingers to keyboard. With all of my work through a computer screen now, I find myself craving “real life” in the evening.

That said, this blog is a record for me and it has niggled that it is languishing with no updates about life over the last few months. I am quite open that this blog has, and always will be, a space predominantly for me. I dabbled in trying to build my readership a few years ago but it’s a lot of work and didn’t bring any value for me personally. But I do enjoying coming back to this space and delving into the archives. 2020 may have been a stressful and challenging year, but unlike others it is not a year I want to forget.

My girls have grown and developed astonishingly and one side-effect of lockdown stress is that Sam and I got to witness much more of that first hand than we previously would. As a family, we have never spent this much continual time together which has been wonderful. Of course there are have been tense points, arguments and meltdowns but those fleeting moments are not the ones we remember. We are all missing seeing family and friends though – that little extra contact to diffuse tensions and allow for personal time.

Whilst we have been doing things, our routine is pretty predictable now. Work / school / nursery cover mid-week, the on my non-working days, Little Z and I walk Little H to school before having a slow meander home to watch ‘Room on the Broom’ or ‘Stickman’ (or more often both) with snacks, before doing jobs and playing with Play Doh. The weekends always end of being astonishingly full even thought we don’t go out! Games, walks, scooting / bike rides, films, school projects, baking and games fill our days. Now we are back out of our November lockdown (for the record, I hate the fact it was given the gimicky name of ‘Lockdown 2.0’) Little H has finally been able to get back in the pool with her new swimming classes. We were worried she’d be anxious, especially as it was an entirely new swimming school because her old one closed down in the summer. But I have never seen her so buoyant as she was after her first class last weekend.

So where am I going with this post? Nowhere. Just a rambling brain dump to satisfy my craving to write. To make sure that something from this bizarre time is recorded. Just over a week and the Christmas holidays start which means two weeks off for Little H and I. Some of the first covid vaccines have been administered just yesterday. So times feel tough but there does feel like there is some optimism creeping in. Let’s hope it continues!

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