That was the year that was 2011 – a summary

It is currently 29/04/2012. I migrated my blog to wordpress a couple of weeks ago and in doing so had to migrate all of my posts. It got me flicking through a few to check the integrity of them. Whilst doing that yesterday I noticed that my original summary had been over-written by the subsequent blog post. I cannot recall this happening and can only put it down to a coding defect in my original blog (proves the benefit of moving!). Sadly I have not got anything containing the original. So I have pieced together a simple picture summary from my original photos. Not quite the same, but hey-ho. Enough to enjoy in years to come!

We got a Playstation Move. Hours of fun playing disc golf and gladiator fighting!

Racing at Hammersmith Women and Juniors

Our Blackbird neighbour who routinely woke us up singing!

WeHoRR, of course.

Lou, Graham and Sam on our ‘Boaty Boat’ holiday.

Sam’s birthday weekend trip to Dunston Hall near the Norfolk Broads.

Sam DJ-ing at Rob & Jo’s wedding with his new set-up.

A red squirrel on our holiday on Brownsea Island!

On a ‘Learn to Play Golf’ day at Winter Hill Golf Course with Sophie.

BHF London to Brighton – team Ride on Time.

Lou & I racing at Bedford Amateur. We didn’t win :s

Mr Robin – our friendly neighbourhood juvenile robin! He was very curious about everything.

ROME! Finally 🙂

Henley 4s & 8s Head – Sarah & Alex broke down so my crew didn’t get to race. Boo.

Fours Head! Also finally 🙂

BRC Dinner Dance – Senior Women.

Christmas Get-Together. Did Evil Santa and Rosie stole back her own contribution.

The Christmas Tree & pressies looking awesome.

Me and my first homemade Christmas cake.

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