What Little H did – 3.10, 3.11 & 4.0 years

So as I sit writing this Little H, you are at nursery having been four for a whole week. Four years old. Four year. Four. Seriously, four. How did that happen? I sound like every parent under the sun when I say it feels like yesterday that you arrived but as if you’ve always been here. I remember life before you, but I can’t remember how we filled it. I can’t recall what we did with all that time or how we made ourselves laugh. To say that you don’t exhaust me, frustrate me and, at times, push me to the emotional brink would be a lie. But my goodness you make me laugh and smile. So much. Everyday. And now you are older, you come out with some amazing things – far too many for me to capture. As with every update now, I feel I have forgotten more than I have captured for these records. But whilst I don’t remember the specifics the memory of laughing or being jaw-droppingly stunned by something you’ve done is still there. Happy birthday my angel! I am already looking forward to another amazing year of Little H-ness xxx.

• • After going to watch ‘The Incredibles 2’ at the cinema with Daddy, you continually talked about the baddy, The Screenslaver. However, you called her ‘Screen Flava’ and, once when talking to Auntie Jen, ‘Ice Cream Flavour’ which made me smile.

• • Your favourite Christmas present was ‘The Incredibles 2’ on Bluray. But we also got you ‘Coco’ which you are now obsessed with!

• • We were sat drawing during Little Z’s nap time and you drew a dinosaur. I took a picture to send Daddy and you turned to me and said “Daddy will be very impressed by my drawing!”. I didn’t know you knew the word ‘impressed’. Then later on when I suggested a way of managing bath and bedtime whilst Daddy was away, you looked at me and said “Yes, I’m impressed Mummy!”. Thanks sweetheart!

• • You have started swimming lessons and are doing so, so well. I have yet to see you in the pool but Daddy and you tell me what you’ve done each lesson. On your last lesson of 2018 you earnt your first certificate, which you then kept telling everyone about (your ‘Tificate’).

• • We were planning a party for when you turn 4 and you were so excited about it. You kept telling me all your plans and they changed every day. My favourite was when I was driving you home from nursery and you said:

Mummy, I’m going to have a Butterfly party. But I told my friends I’m having a Bee party. That’s my joke!

• • When we got all the Christmas decorations out, you surprised Daddy and I by saying you didn’t remember the tree from last year. It was a reminder to us that even though you were so grown up last year, your brain was still growing and changing.

• • We took you to see Father Christmas at John Lewis. We had to wait as it was delayed but you were really good and sat colouring. Then, even though you were shy, you told him what you wanted and then picked out a gift (A ‘View Finder’ and some mermaid dolls in a box. Daddy really wanted you to pick the wooden marble run!)

• • You say so many funny things these days but they are so much harder to capture than your old attempts at words. These days you say most things correctly but you’ll put on your own quirky or silly voice. Recently you finally stopped saying “…all by my own.” all the time and correctly say “…all by myself.” more often. You still say you “begot” though rather than “forgot” and we are reluctant to correct you now!

• • When you get up in the morning you’ll now tell us your are lethargic. You also started using ‘absolutely’ which made me smile no end. Driving home from nursery I told you I had been making your birthday cake for the party and that I hoped you would like it. You replied “I’m absolutely going to like it!”.

• • You’re so good at looking after your sister. Whilst you are a little rougher with her than she might like, if I have to leave you both for a minute, you’ll sit behind her and wrap her in a big hug so she can’t escape and hurt herself! Now she has the play den out to keep her contained when I can’t watch her, you’ll sometimes go inside and sit with her to play. She absolutely adores you and looks for you the moment she hears your voice.

• • You got some babybels from the supermarket. When you got home you decided to have one. Mummy and Daddy were chatting when you said “I don’t like it.”. We looked down and you had bitten through the wax too. Luckily you didn’t notice me because I couldn’t stop laughing. But Daddy stepped in and helped you out!

• • Before going out scooting on the scooter we got you for Christmas, you turned to me and whispered “When I get back, I’m going to have a cheeky chocolate!”.

• • When you came out of your room on Christmas morning, you found your Father Christmas present in your stocking. As you opened it in our bedroom, you were visibly shaking with excitement!

• • You helped me to make an apple cake for the family Christmas visits. You were so proud if it and showed everyone as they arrived.

• • I took you for a haircut. You plopped yourself straight now in a chair and waited. Then afterwards you immediately asked if you could have a biscuit. Very cheeky…and I told you so!

• • I made risotto for lunch one Monday. I asked whether your favourite was pasta or risotto. Your response was excellent: “Risotto. It’s my favourite in all the world.”.

• • When we go out walking, you have to decide the route!

• • One afternoon you were playing with your magnadoodle when Little Z cruised up to join you. She started grabbing at your hair and you turned to her and did a playful “roar”. She laughed and tried to eat your face to which you roared again. You both chuckled and repeated it over and over for a minute or two. It was very, very cute to watch!

• • When I told you Little Z was starting nursery soon, you started telling her all about it; what you would show her and what meals she would have. She didn’t really understand but I loved that she got such a positive vibe from you about going to nursery!

• • When your birthday party finally arrived, you had such a wonderful time. You thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment session run by Disco Danni, joining in with the all the games in your Incredibles costume that we got you. You also did really love the cake I made you – a Little H-themed Incredibles II cake!

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