What Little H did – 3.4 years

At times this month you’ve been an enigma to me my (not so) little one. You’re mine is developing at such a pace now that your astonish me with the things that come out of your mouth. You make some really insightful and mature observations about things. Your mastery of the English language also continues to grow no end. We’ve found this comes at a price though as you are very stubborn at the moment. Every bath time has become a Mexican stand off which results in Daddy getting cross, me staring blankly at the bathroom wall in disbelief whilst holding Zoe and you crying, declaring you want “Nana-Grandad”. This routine has even spread to Bubble-Sink days so pre-bedtime is not something any of us enjoy right now. But we’ve seen these phases before so I hold out hope it’ll pass soon. And until then you are doing more than enough sweet or funny stuff to make-up for. Although I may invest in ear plugs for the bedtime crying…!


• • Flying a paper aeroplane around, it suddenly started to flop straight to the floor. I said “Maybe it’s tired.” to which you replied* (*shouted) – “No it’s not tired. It’s not got a face.”. Whilst I didn’t like the shouting, I appreciated the logic about feeling tiredness!

• • We got your paddling pool out on the hot Bank Holiday Sunday at the start of May. You slipped over in it whilst getting it at some point and after the initial upset from the shock, you then got upset because your swimming costume had…got wet! As Nana tried to calm you down, Daddy and I just chuckled.

• • It makes me so happy to see how affectionate you are with Little z. Whilst you get cross and Mummy and Daddy, I’ve seen virtually no outbursts or acts over jealously towards your little sister. Instead you always try and care for her and make her smile. She’s really lucky.


• • One of your favourite games has been for me to be the Pretend Mummy (‘Tend Mummy) and for you to be the Pretend Girl (‘Tend Girl). Whilst at times it can be a rather tedious game for me (it’s morning time then bedtime on a 2 minute cycle), as Tend Mummy I have been able to get you to do a lot more without complaint then when I’m just me and you are Little H!

• • You love to pick out your own outfits these days. It does lead to some very bizarre combinations but I am trying to learn to chill out and let you do what you want. I am also reminding myself that none of your tops are super expensive so if you wear one to nursery and it gets ruined, it’s really not a big deal!


• • Rose and I were in peals of laughter one nursery pick up. Once I had been noticed, Ruben came and leant on the door. Rose moved him out the way and opened the door to get you and her out. Ruben then leant on the door so Rose couldn’t shut it! Rose eventually got him back in but he started to pull on the handle to try and open the door. Jack joined on. They had no luck as the door was magnetically locked. But you sped down the hall, started pushing the handle back up and instructing them to stop playing with the door through the glass panel. They stopped so you wandered back only to notice them start up so you were off. This happened several times we with at one point, all 3 if you hanging off the door handle on one side or the other. So, so funny!

• • Rather than say “forgot”, you say “begot” which always makes me smile.

A penguin!

• • Your drawings of people and animals are getting better and better. This was the first month I saw you draw a person with a defined eyes, nose and mouth. It was great to see!

• • If Zoe does a little parp, you say “Pardom phew” for her. I’ve tried telling you it’s “Pardon you” but you still do it!


• • A couple of times when I have somehow annoyed you, you have said both “I don’t want to hear your voice anymore.” and “I’m not talking to you ever again.”. Delightful!

• • However much we’ve apparently fallen out because I’ve “made [you] cross”, I can always get you laughing again with some proper belly tickles. I love hearing that laugh!


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