What Little H Did – 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 years

Ah my biggest little girl, you have hit four and continued to grow and develop at an astounding rate! Your speech is almost flawless and you are so sharp, you don’t miss a trick! And you are so caring and kind with your sister. I take such pleasure in watching the bond you both have grow and strengthen. I know in a year or so that the two of you will be off in your own little games that Mummy won’t be allowed to join in! But you’ve also been so challenging this last few months. I know it’s a result of you growing, learning and changing. You’re at an age when you are trying to establish who you are as a person. But at times I have felt so frustrated with myself as we have spent more time at loggerheads than any other time of your life. Or at least so I thought so until I read back all of the wonderful memories I’d recorded. It reminded how many wonderful moments we’ve had (and this is only a snapshot) and that going forward I must not dwell on those occasional bad days. So here are the gems from your first three months as a four year old:

• • Whilst eating your risotto, you asked what the green specs in it were. I explained they were bits of herb from the stock cube. Your reply: “They are tickling my tummy!”. It was very cute.

• • One evening when you and Little Z were getting ready for bed, you said you were annoyed because at nursery Tia’s music box was broken which meant you couldn’t “boogie woogie”. Haha!

• • After a bad night with Little Z she had gone back to sleep in the early morning. Daddy and I wanted to take the chance to doze so you obliged us by getting into bed with us and snuggling for half an hour until you got hungry and bored.

• • During the same period, Little Z would absolutely not settled for a nap one afternoon. I spent ages going back-and-forth to her, often having to leave you for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. You carried on eating your lunch and when you’d finished, you made some space on the table, got out the tray from the cupboard and played Kinetic Sand quietly. Then, when I came down overwhelmed by it all, you gave me some lovely cuddles to calm me down.

• • On another day when Little Z was struggling to nap, I was getting distressed again (as it was so out of character for her) because nothing I tried was helping so I had just had leave her to calm herself which I don’t like. I told you that I felt like a bad mummy and you came over, gave me a cuddle and said “No, you’re not a bad mummy. You’re a good mummy!”.

• • We went to the zoo at the start of March. We were just leaving the giraffes when you pointed ahead and cried “The zebras.”. Daddy and I looked all around and eventually spotted the tiny sign for their enclosure in the distance. We asked you if you’d just guess by the ‘Z’ or recognised the word and you said you’d seen the word! Even more impressive that it was over 50m away!

• • As we were driving home from nursery one day you asked me why lorries couldn’t go down one of the roads. I asked what you meant and you said there was a no-lorries sign. Lo-and-behold, you’d spotted the new sign they’d only just installed saying no large lorries and you’d understood what it meant!

• • One night, I was washing my hands after putting on Little Z’s night nappy. I suddenly heard a bump from her room where you were ‘entertaining’ her. I called out not to jump off the sofa and you replied “I’m not. I’m just rollin’ pollin'”. It made me laugh so hard.

• • You really enjoy standing on your bed, holding my hands and then leaping off trying to hang off me. One evening you wanted to do it but the way you asked was hilarious: “Mummy, can I jump on your body?”. It had Daddy in stitches.

• • On the occasions I ask you for help and you decide that you will*, you reply “Of course” as if I was foolish to even think you might not! (*Currently the odds are about 50-50 of you complying or responding with a “I’m too tired”, “I’m too hungry”, “I’m busy” or plain old “I don’t want to.”. At least you are honest.)

• • You were chewing something you shouldn’t have been and I asked you to stop. You simply replied “I can’t. I got teeth now. I can’t stop chompin’!”.

• • One Sunday you wanted to make a picture frame. I cut one out of card for you whilst you drew ‘the photo’. You copied the photo of Auntie Jen’s graduation, You drew me, Grandad and Jen. Then you stopped and declared “Oh, I forgot my Nana!”. It made me smile that even though you’ve never met Mum, you know who she is!

• • I’d set a timer on the Google Home and then went into the garden. A few minutes later you stuck your head out of the conservatory and said “Mummy, Google is doing something.”.

• & bull; At Easter, Daddy did an Easter egg hunt for you and you loved it, running round the garden finding choccy yums!

• • After drying your hair one evening, you and Little Z were basically ignoring me. On the third attempt of asking you both “What do we after hair?” and getting progressively more annoyed when I got no reply, you finally shouted out “Teeth!”. I picked up Little Z and you leapt up and shouted “MOBILISE!” – a phrase Daddy and I sometimes use. It made me laugh so much!

• • You put your slipper boots on Little Z’s hands one bedtime. She laughed so much as she waved them around.

• • Now, whenever it rains even a little bit, you turn to me with your most serious face and declare “Mummy, it’s chuckin’ it down.”

• • One of your favourite films is ‘Coco’ and I got you a small Dia de los Muertos style ukelele. You like to strum along with the film and do your Ernesto de la Cruz impression!

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