What Little H did – 4.10, 4.11 & 5.0 years

So Little H, after 27 previous posts, this is the last instalment of “What Little H Did“. For reasons I shall explain in a separate post, now is the time to bring this series to end. It has taken me forever to sit down and write-up this post. It feels like an eternity ago since the last three months of your fifth year. You were only just into your second half term of school and you were doing so well. In your first parents evening, your teacher said you were one of those “dream” children that just adjusted immediately to school life and, honestly, you loved it. In the run-up to Christmas, life was full on with your first school disco and your Christmas Play (“Wriggly Nativity”) which was absolutely amazing!

Then January was all about one thing: your impending birthday. It was all you could talk about for weeks and it was lovely to see your excitement as a counter to my stress in trying to organise it! But it all came together as we’d hoped and you and your 25+ friends had a wonderful time.

Life has changed a lot since you turned 5 and it would me remiss of me not to mention it briefly here. After almost another successful full term at school and with Easter holidays approaching, life was turned upside down for you as schools were suddenly closed and the country entered “Lockdown”. You’d been aware of “coronavirus” because of the increased hygiene measures at school, but it was strange explaining to you that you were no longer able to go to school, see your friends or even see your family. Yet, within reason, you took it in your stride. You have adjusted probably as well as could be expected to having “school at home” and have affectionately named Daddy “Mr Apples” and me “Miss Sweets”; a clear reminder food is always on your mind!

You’re such a smart, strong, kind and compassionate girl. Daddy and I are continually proud of you and your sister loves you more than anyone. In fact the other day she even said you were “Bes’ Friend”. Always continue to be you and exactly who you want to me (although if you could listen a little better that would be fab!) and for the last time, here are your highlights:

• • One Sunday afternoon at 4.10 months, Little Z was napping so you sat with me at the dining table on your laptop. I wrote some blog post whilst you were “‘splorin'” on CBeebies and using your paint app.

• • We were having lunch at Nana and Grandads. You were munching some quiche – rare for you – and suddenly declared “I’m a fan of quiche!”.

• • I saw you at your first Harvest Festival and you were amazing singing with your class.

• • We were reading bedtime stories sat on the sofa bed in Little Z’s bedroom because daddy had a bad back. You had your face through the head hole of your PJ top but with one arm flapping down your back and the other hanging underneath your chin. As daddy was reading the story you suddenly came out with:

I’m a man with a beard.”

It was so unexpected and bizarre that daddy and I were in hysterics!

• • Your teacher gave you such good feedback at your first parents evening. You are a kind, curious, confident and well-behaved pupil who is always eager to learn. We couldn’t ask for any more.

• • You picked-up the expression “Oh my word” from somewhere and for a couple of months you used it all. the. time. It was really funny.

• • When I was taken down by a strange stomach bug one night, the following morning you brought your dressing gown through and laid it over me to help keep me warm. It really made me smile when I felt grotty and you all left for school, work and nursery.

• • In your school nativity, “Wiggly Nativity”, you were a star. You were absolutely amazing and made mummy, daddy, Nana, Grandad Peter and Sophie so proud as we all got to watch you.

• • Of all the lovely Christmas presents you got, your favourites were the simple ones: your pink bunny and glitter pens.

• • We had to get you goggles for swimming as you were fine putting your head under the water but the water in your eyes as you lifted your head out was hindering you. You were chuffed as we inadvertently got you the same pair as your swimming pal.

• • Daddy took you swimming over the Christmas holidays. You saw another child without arm bands so you asked to try without yours. Daddy said you did a whole two lengths without arm bands.

• • Since we asked you to start turned your PJs back the right way round, you now fold them neatly almost everyday and also make your bed.

• • One night Little Z was tired and kept getting upset. So you sat her on your knee and she calmed straight away. When you popped to the toilet she got really upset again but was fine as soon as you got back and cuddled her!

• • We had selected “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” as an afternoon film to show you. You couldn’t remember the name so you called it “The Lion in the cupboard.”. Made me chuckle.

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