What we’ve been doing lately #1

It occurred to me the other day that I have stopped using my blog to simply just record what has been going on in life. Every post now seems to have a ‘topic’ which is fun but I want to be able to look back and remember what the day-to-day was like. So  I’m going to let myself get back to some general diary-esque writing again. Not least because the last few weeks have been a fun yet challenging in Casa Watling.

A couple of weekends ago we went up to my Dad’s for the weekend. We haven’t been up in forever which I have felt terrible about. So this was both a fun trip for us all and finally quashed my guilt for avoiding packing up the car to make the trip. Sam bought us a roof box the day before we went as we tend to drive on most holidays and decided it would make everything a lot less stressful if we didn’t have to try and cram everything into the boot alongside the big buggy for Little Z.

We’ve not done a journey that far with Little H since our holiday last year. And we’ve never done one with Little Z. Both trips went relatively smoothly though to be honest. We gave ourselves plenty of time and stopped for lunch / a snack and to feed Little Z. We also had a really nice stay too. A couple of my Aunties and an Uncle came over for lunch on the Saturday see us and meet Little Z. My Auntie Karen spent ages playing with Little H in the garden which they both loved. Also, the play park in the village where I grew up is now awesome! Little H enjoyed the slide, swings and the random bouncy castle there for a rugby club tournament.

The week before we went to Dad’s though I started to get run down and my tonsils and glands became inflamed. I have been fortunate not to become that ill since Little Z was born; it’s rubbish trying to recover from illness when you’re being woken several times a night. To make it all the more challenging, Little Z has also been waking for 2 – 3 feeds since about 4 months old. So whilst I shook the tonsillitis before we got to Dad’s, I’ve had a sore throat and congestion since. We’ve also had a family ‘stomach bug’ which has left all of us feeling bloated and nauseated. Unfortunately this also hit Little Z making my ability to sleep even more affected.

The last few nights have been rather tough. For the first time since she was very small, it took me over an hour to settle her one night. I’ll be honest, it came as a very real shock. I managed to get my dinner eaten before being summoned to her crying as I was brushing my teeth. A couple of unsettled days and on/off distressed nights have followed. Today has been calmer. Better. We’ll see what the night holds.

We had a long weekend last weekend though for the August Bank Holiday which was a nice treat. Sam was out on his club run on Sunday. I needed to get out with Little H – I get cabin fever if we’re in the house all the time. So Little H and I treated ourselves to a lunch together at Pizza Express. It was lovely to have some time together!

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