30 Days Blogging – Day 15: The celeb I’d like to spend 15 minutes with is…

So this one had me stumped. I sat and pondered over it for ages and ages. There are lots of celebrities that I find interesting and if I happened to ‘bump into them’ in soft play or something then it would be great to have a chat. Nor do Sam and I go in for those ‘Freebie Lists‘ of ‘Friends’ fame so no motivation there! After much reflection, I decided there wasn’t a single celebrity personality that I would really want to meet if I had the opportunity.

So I have decide to take a ‘twist’ on this topic. A synonym of ‘Celebrity’ is ‘VIP’ and who is classified as a VIP really depends on individual perspective. One person who is an absolute VIP to me is my mum. She died just under 3 years ago before Little H was born; before she even knew Little H was going to be born.

My mum was such a warm and caring person. As someone who became a mother in the early 80’s, she gave up her career when I was born (re-training and finding her passion for Sugarcraft when when I was 12). She threw herself into parenting me and then my sister. She did all the things we blog about and snap for Instagram today: messy play, baking, walking, the park, cuddling us when we were poorly whilst we watch a Disney film. She was an amazing mum. She would have been a fantastic nana.

As hard as it has been to accept, I know she won’t be here to teach Little H how to bake; to make her brilliant birthday cakes; to spoil her rotten with presents that Sam and I quietly curse about. But recently Little H started looking at a picture with her in it and I had my first real experience of trying to explain to a 2 year old about her nana who she has never met. Will never meet. It made me really sad, not only because I miss my mum but because of what Little H will miss out on.

So yeah, if I could have 15 minutes to chat with anyone it would be my mum – my mum and Little H. I would hug her and seize the opportunity to be close to my mum once more. Then I would sit back and watch her enjoy her granddaughter for those few short – yet infinite – minutes. If only…

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