30 Days Blogging – Day 10: my top 5 pet peeves

This is a dangerous topic for me to write about. There are a lot of things that irritate me. I mean A LOT. I’m not prone to outbursts of pure anger but tend to simmer with rage and fury inside. (Sam accuses me of road rage but I don’t think making abusive remarks about other drivers in a normal tone whilst in the privacy of our car counts as road rage!). I’ve invested a lot of effort over the years in trying to get over things that irritate me and move on. But it doesn’t stop me getting annoyed!

One: People who don’t indicate


Indicators were put on cars for a reason – to allow drivers to inform their fellow road users of what their next move is. But more and more on the roads I see people who seem to forget that the drivers in the vehicles around them can’t read minds. Recently I had a driver beep at me on a roundabout when he was coming from the opposite direction without indicating; To me that implied he was going straight on but nooooo…he was going right. Apparently it was my fault for not knowing that and pulling out on to the roundabout when it wasn’t my turn. Perhaps even more annoying are the people who indicate as they are already maneuvering. It just defeats the point. You can read my old rant on that one if you’re interested!

Two: Queue jumpers


I’m British through-and-through with this one. Any kind of queue jumping irritates me. Even the informal queues that form on the tube to go up the escalator count in my head. I’ll quietly seethe when one of those people pushes in right at the front. Grrr. I still don’t know how I survived a year in Spain – never have I seen such queuing chaos than in Spain.

Three: People who leave the loo seat up


I don’t mean the bit you sit on. I mean the proper seat which covers the bowl completely. I just don’t like the bowl being visible. In our house they are always down yet some guests don’t put it back down after they’ve used the bathroom. It niggles! Plus now-a-days with Little H roaming around, it’s asking for trouble leaving it uncovered. So far we’ve only ended up with a toilet roll going into the toilet. But we’ve had close calls with towels and toys!

Four: Train passengers who stop in front of the ticket barrier and then look for their ticket


I’m a London commuter and have developed the stereotypical London commuter impatience (incase you hadn’t already guessed!). When the platform is announced for my train, I – along with a hundred other people – will move at speed to get through the barriers to try and get a seat. The quickest way to do that is to have your ticket in your hand. But apparently not everyone has that level of common sense. They walk up to the barrier then STOP and start rooting in their bag. Only to be further delayed as a human pile-up forms behind them!

Five: People who throw rubbish on the floor


There are bins everywhere so I can never understand why people just drop their litter on the floor. I have watched people do it – finish a drink and then just drop the cup on the pavement. Usually walking past a bin a few metres later. I’ve been tempted to say something at times but, I’ll be honest, often the people I’ve seen littering are characters I find a little intimidating. It just saddens me that there are people with such little consideration.

So there they are, my top 5 irritations! What are your pet peeves?


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