30 Days Blogging – Day 18: A day in the life of…at work

Tuesday 18th April 2017:

06:00 – I’m in the middle of a dream when the alarm goes off at our usual work time. It’s a shock after the ‘lazy’ (well, in parent terms) Easter weekend mornings have taken their toll because I struggle to drag myself out of bed. I down a load of water and then start the getting-ready process.

06:35 – I’m dressed and presentable for work. I quickly pre-pay for my station car parking and then go and get Little H out of bed. She’s already awake. As we were putting her to bed last night we saw two hot air balloons out the window which she was AMAZED by. The moment I walk in she’s stood up and telling me about the balloons, how there were people in them and how they’ve flown away home! It’s very sweet. Her nappy has leaked onto her PJs though, so I have to negotiate changing her by letting her then check out the window for the balloons. Surprisingly they aren’t there and she’s a little disappointed.

06:40 – Sam comes upstairs to take over on Little H duties. She tells him about the balloons too. She goes from room to room looking out the window and refuses to give me a kiss goodbye because of that. As I head down the stairs she comes and gives me a quick peck before running off to talk to her Dad about the balloons again!

06:47 – I’m out the door, closing it to yet more chatter about balloons! I jump in the car and head off to the station.

06:53 – I park the car and walk the few minutes over to the station. There is a massive post-Easter queue at the ticket office so I’m relieved to have my tickets already in my bag! #mumwin

06:59 – I get on my train and eat my jam sandwich for breakfast (I forgot to make my commute muffins!). It sets off a few minutes later and I spent the journey reading some social media, joining up to my usual Tuesday linky – #DreamTeam – and reading my book (Stuffocation).

07:38 – My train arrives at King’s Cross. I switch into commuter pace and head down to the Victoria line. There is a tube in the platform when I arrive AND I get a seat (definitely quiet today!). I read my book for the journey.

07:54 – Arrive at Victoria and head out the tube to my office. Since they opened a new tube entrance earlier this year, it only takes me a few minutes to get out the tube where previously it took about 10 mins as I had to trek through Victoria mainline station.

08:00 – Having popped to the ladies to tidy myself up post-commute, I get to my desk. I work in a hot desking part of the office so I grab my laptop from my locker and then pick-up a cuppa. Back at my desk I plug my laptop in and it takes AGES to boot-up and get running.

08:20 – I’m finally into my email. Because of the long weekend, I’ve not got much which is a relief. I catch-up on trading news and general office admin.

08:50 – A colleague has made some amendments to a draft paper I have written on IT containerisation. I go in and review the changes whilst also making some of my own. Having had a few days away from it, I’m quite pleased with it’s shape now. It’s reminded me why it’s so valuable to get early input into work too.

09:20 – Hunger strikes so I head upstairs to your dining room to grab my second breakfast. Take it back to my desk and read some industry news. It reminds me to book in a meeting with our lead iOS developer so get that scheduled. One To-Do ticked-off!

09:45 – Do some reading and work around containerisation. Pop ‘Divide’ by Ed Sheeran on my headphones as background.

10:30 – The office is cold so I take a pause and search out more tea. When I get back do some reading around some ‘find Similar’ functionality within our customer app.

11:00 – Brief break in work for 15 minutes whilst my Head Of department gives us a quick update on the Easter trading figures. We’re also surprised when at that same time news breaks of a proposed general election on 8th June. But we all quickly disperse and get back on with our lives!

11:45 – Quick chat with my boss about a solution I am taking through our design authority next week. Pick-up some changes to make to my solution overview slide deck.

12:00 – Weekly Tech Council time. Meet with fellow Techies to go through our Trello board of tasks. No major topics of discussion but close down a few tickets and have a discussion about some draft ‘guidelines’ of how Architects and Engineers work together under our new Code of Practice.

13:00 – Grab lunch from the dining room upstairs – vegetable goulash. Eat it at my desk whilst catching-up on emails. Discuss a few admin things with a work friend on Hangouts.

13:30 – Review some feedback comments made on my Containerisation paper.

14:00 – Need some air so quickly pop across the road to the shops to get some last minute birthday presents for Sam. Get him a couple of new jumpers and a shirt because some of his are getting old. Buy him a couple of tasty goodies as well!

14:20 – Get back, grab a tea and start work on my deck for design authority. My mind isn’t completely with it so it’s slow going! Take a mini break chatting to a colleague I haven’t seen for a couple of weeks when they come and sit in the desk next to me.

15:30 – Manage to get distracted reading a blog post and then notice I only have half an hour to finish my work before the nursery-pick-up-dash begins. Eeek!

16:00 – Exit the building, grab a copy of Stylist and head into the tube.

16:18 – Arrive at King’s Cross and wait a few minutes until my train is ready to board. We set off on time 10 mins later.

17:00 – Back at my home station and head to nursery to collect Little H. She’s excited to see me through the window but it’s quite quiet. She had a long nap so think she’s tired from the weekend.

17:30 – Arrive home and H pretends to drive the car whilst I bring the bags in. We both go inside and I make a cuppa just in time for Sam to get home. H plays (albeit in a very whiney way) and we watch the end of ‘The Chase’.

18:15 – Bath time. Little H is definitely tired so it’s a massive drama. She runs off and refuses to be undressed or get in the bath. Eventually she does and is happy for a bit. Then the tantrums resume right through until bedtime. But some tickles keep her intermittently chuckling! Eventually we get to lights out and she plays happily in her cot for a while before falling asleep.

19:20 – I quickly change and jump on my erg for a 20 minutes session.

19:50 – Sam starts dinner and I jump in the shower.

20:15 – Sam and I sit at the table together and enjoy the dinner we made. We catch up on the day.

20:30 – We quickly tidy away and then sit down to book in all the activities for our trip to Center Parcs.

20:50 – We both flop on the sofa and Sam watches TV whilst I do a bit of blogging.

22:10 – Head upstairs for bed. After getting ready we read for a while and then crash out by 22:45 ready to for round-2 of the working week tomorrow!

What do your days tend to look like?!

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