30 Days Blogging – Day 14: Films that I love, love, love!

Films are a huge deal in Casa Watling. Sam is an avid fan and we have a pretty large collection. We fully intend to get Little H similarly hooked. When I spotted this topic on the 30 Days Blogging Challenge list, I was quite excited. But in reality it was hard to come up with a finite list. I know there are films I love which I’ve forgotten too! However, whatever my mood, I could happily watch at least one film on this list so I think it’s a fair set.

Star Wars, episodes IV, V & VI

I grew-up on the original Star Wars trilogy. Back in the days where Bank Holidays meant reduced or no shopping hours and a special TV line-up, a Star Wars film was something I can remember curling up on the sofa to watch with my dad. When I met Sam, it was a positive sign that he also liked Star Wars. We regularly pop them on as a Sunday Afternoon Film (at least pre-Little H!) or for some immersive yet easy evening watching.


I read the ‘Paddington’ books when I was a child but I didn’t really remember them when this film came out in 2014. However, the memories came flooding back when I watched this. It is such a wonderfully bright and colourful film. The characters are also brought to life delightfully. I especially love Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins as Mr & Mrs Brown. The best part about this film is it’s also child-friendly so I am hopefully later this year Little H will enjoy watching it.

Pitch Perfect

I recorded this when it was on TV during my Mat Leave year. It seemed like the sort of easy watching a sleep deprived mother could cope with. I was right but also found a film I am now hooked on. When I want something which requires no effort to watch, this is it. I love the acapella singing too and wish I could do it. Little H will tolerate watching the end of this if I watch it during nap time; she likes the singing too!

Apollo 13

One of my bizarre ambitions as a teen was to work for NASA. I was (and still am) fascinated by space. My mum bought me this film on video for my birthday and I was completely absorbed by it. I watched it all the time. Then I forgot about it until I saw it on TV about 6 years later. It took me back to that time as a teen. But more than that, it still takes me back to that mission and makes me think what it must have been like to go to space in a rocket with less technology than my phone!

About Time

I usually find Richard Curtis films a bit too soppy for me. But I really wanted to watch this because I’m a massive Rachel McAdams fan. I’m glad I did because I absolutely love this film. It’s got a wonderfully simple British heart to it. It’s complicated but not in a dramatic way. It’s emotional but not in a sickening and theatrical way. It feels genuine and a real mix of happy and sad.


Mulan is a massively underappreciated Disney film! I just love it. The songs are fantastic. Eddie Murphy voices a cool dragon. The lead character is a feisty and heroic young girl. What’s not to love?!

The Lion King

Surely I don’t need to explain this one?! [*Spoiler Alert* / *Deep Breath*] A small lion cub prince who loses his father under tragic circumstances and is forced to flee only to then befriend a warthog and a meerkat only to discover years later that it was actually his uncle who killed his father so goes back to avenge his father’s death and reclaim his throne. Now that’s a story. Chuck in a few AWESOME songs (‘Just Can’t Wait to be King’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’ anyone?) and you’ve got yourself a classic. Well, it won me over at least!


You’d be hard pressed to watch this film and not see why it’s so highly acclaimed. This is a true epic. It’s one of those films you just watch every now and then. It’s quite heavy going and very emotional. But it’s incredibly immersive and I love being flashed back to the height of the Roman era – something which has always fascinated me. Great cinematography, brilliant acting and a superb soundtrack. A 10/10 film in my book!

What are your go-to films that you couldn’t live without?

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18 comments On 30 Days Blogging – Day 14: Films that I love, love, love!

  • Hang my head in shame, apart from the lion king I’ve not watched any of these before!! I don’t really have favourites I just watch anything. Haven’t got a DVD player at the moment so we’ve not watched much in a while!! Oh well!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬
    Karen | TwoTinyHands recently posted…Splash Splash #FamilyFunLinkyMy Profile

    • Hehe no need to be ashamed. Each to their own with films etc tbh. We tend to watch films over TV, hence the long list of faves. If you ever find yourself stuck for viewing I’d recommend these though. Thanks for reading x

  • I love Pitch Perfect 1 and 2. Can’t wait for 3. I also enjoy the Step-up franchise, although it’s getting a bit lame and I really only watch it for the dancing. Same for Magic Mike – lol.
    As for animated movies, I can watch most of them but I do love the How To Train Your Dragon, Frozen, Trolls, and Tangled.

    • Ooh good choice of animations. I love those too except Trolls which I’ve not seen in full. I rented it on Google Play yesterday for my daughter and the half I’ve seen is funny! I lived troll dolls growing up. Thanks for reading xx

  • Watched 6 of them. Love Paddington – thought I wouldn’t! Always, firm favourite, Lion King. Know the soundtrack by heart too- sad I know!

    • Yeh I wasn’t convinced I’d like Paddington but it’s wonderful! You’re not alone in knowing the Lion King soundtrack by heart, don’t worry! Thanks for reading x

  • What a fantastic list. A few of these are my top favorites too. Now I want to watch The Lion King lol #MarvMondays

    • Haha, nice to know I’m in good company in liking some of these. My daughter just won’t ’embrace’ Lion King yet. Crazy toddler… Thanks for reading x

  • The only one I have seen is Paddington which is fab, especially when he floods the bathroom!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays xx
    Fran Back With A Bump recently posted…Marvellous Mondays!My Profile

  • oh i just love Lion King! it still makes me cry everytime! #FamilyFun

  • I love Pitch Perfect and About Time. My go to films are usually musical films like Chicago, Grease and Hairspray. Or soppy love story films. There are a few Rachael McAdam films I really like. The Notebook and The Time Traveller’s Wife being the main ones. #marvmondays
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…Party Time!My Profile

    • Oh I love the Time Traveller’s Wife novel so I never fell in love with the film as it couldn’t bring the richness to screen for me. But it was a good film and the casting was amazing though because I imagine Rachel McAdams as Clare when I re-read it! Thanks for reading xx

  • I am now singing ‘just can’t wait to be king’ , haha. I love The Lion Long and Mulan. I haven’t seen Paddington yet, I will try and persuade my 3 year old to watch it with me. Pitch perfect is one of my guilty pleasures, I love all the songs. Thanks for linking this up to #BlogCrush xx
    Wendy recently posted…#BlogCrush linky – Week 4My Profile

    • Your 3 year old will love Paddington I’m sure. It’s such an amazing film. Glad to meet a fellow Mulan fan too 🙂 It’s a massively underrated Disney film. Thanks for reading xx

  • Oh wow, I loooooove all of these! Paddington is such a family fun film and I remember being taken by my Dad to watch the original Star Wars films. I would add in here some of Daniel Craig’s Bond films too. #MarvMondays
    Jo from Organised Jo recently posted…Meet the Working Mum – Gina Caro – Gypsy SoulMy Profile

    • Ooh yes, good choice! I did consider Bond actually but I felt the list could go on. I love ‘Casino Royale’ and the intro to ‘Spectre’. Must re-watch those. In fact, all of the films in my list too!! Thanks for reading x

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