7 reasons why being a parent is awesome!

Being a parent is hard work and at times, on those really tough days, it can be easy to forget all the brilliant parts of parenthood. So next time you have a low moment and just want to sit in a corner quietly rocking, bear these things in mind:

  1. Wherever you go, you always have snacks to hand!: Of course they might not always be aimed at adults but they are snacks all the same. I have lost count of the number of times I have given H a few Goodies Carrot Stix and then, erm, finished the bag myself;
  2. MegaBlockGiraffeYou get to legitimately play with toys: I doubt many people truly love the variety of plastic and wooden paraphernalia that is strewn across their home on a daily basis. But if you have to live it with then you may as well enjoy it. I might wish I could sit on my laptop or flop on the sofa with a cuppa for 5 mninutes. However, if H won’t allow it then I may as well build stuff out of mega blocks! (Making a 60 piece giraffe whilst a 15 month old tries to grab it is a real challenge!);
  3. You realise that many of the things you think are ‘important’ really aren’t: After a rubbish commute or when you’re feeling under-the-weather, a smile from your little one always makes you realise that as long as they are okay then everything else is not such a big deal. Or on those horrible occasions when they get sick, nothing else seems worth your time when you just want to watch over them until they get better. Having a child redefines your perspectives and stops you sweating the small stuff so much!;
  4. H&M Romper SuitYou get to buy loads of awesome tiny clothes: Kids can get away with random combinations of clothes. Small clothes are also significantly more fun than big adult clothes. Cost aside, I enjoy having to pick out a set of new t-shirts and the like every few months!;
  5. You realise how much you can actually get done in 30 mins: Pre-parenthood I wasted so much time faffing. But now when I get that glorious gift of 30 mins you use it. I can normally get the washing-up done, lunch prepped, some washing on and sit down with a cuppa in half an hour. At work, the few 30 minute gaps I get between meetings are when I manage to stay on top of my email and get my ‘busy work’ done;
  6. Angela WatlingYou can have hugs whenever you want!: Admittedly they often result in sticky marks on your clothes, in your hair, on your face or any combination of those things. It can also lead to getting kicked, punched or head butted in some part of your body (almost exclusively a part that is not designed to take any impact – I got my first child-induced ‘fat lip’ when H was about 3 months old) but they are still hugs all the same and I have never enjoyed anything more than a moment where H wraps her little arms round my neck and lays her head on my shoulder for a few brief seconds.;
  7. To your kids, you are the most important person in the entire world: Whatever they say, when it comes to the crunch there is no-one they want more than you. So after a bad day at work you know that there is always someone who is pleased to see you!
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  • No.6 and no.7 are the best things about parenthood – those hugs are just the best. And yes to being able to get a ridiculous amount done when you do have a free 30 minute window and I love the excuse for sitting down and playing with toys too. Great post 🙂

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