What we’ve been doing lately #9

I’ve noticed a common trend these days. On the rare occasion I find myself with time to sit down with no washing to fold or bags to pack, and where I’m not falling asleep, I get my laptop out and then find myself unable to summon the words to write. Throughout the day I have streams of words flowing through my head but somehow they are gone by the time the washing-up is finished. It’s incredibly infuriating! But I’m shall keep typing regardless and see what happens. Perhaps I shall reawaken the part of my mind which is so active when I am hanging washing or sweeping-up food flung around during lunch time!

It’s been a busy couple of months since I last did a general update and it’s been a busy time so it feels like much longer ago. I’m in disbelief that it’s almost the end of June (not least since I started this post in May!!) because this year seems to be flying by even faster than the last. Although that’s a sign of getting older isn’t it, always commenting about how quickly the year is going?! I always reflect back on the quote I frequently seen thrown around in parenting groups:

The days are long but the years are short.


There have been some tough days over the last couple of months where my anxiety and stress levels were higher than normal. It wouldn’t have been a major problem except Little H has been in an emotionally rocky place whilst Little Z is entering that testing period of a new walker and almost-toddler where she won’t sit still, won’t stop grabbing everything and regularly doesn’t listen. Our house has seen more shouting and crying than it has in a long time – ironic given at the start of May I posted about Slow Living and how it helps us live a calm life. Shortly after that I couldn’t have felt further from that person! But some sources of anxiety have passed now and I have tried to be really mindful of my moods – things are improving. We’ve also had our annual holiday which has helped for me to get some quality time with the girls and a break from a few of the chores and the routine.

During my periods of heightened anxiety, my garden has been a real solace and sanctuary to me. In writing this update I realised how much energy and emotion I have been pouring into my patch of green as a brief couple of sentences quickly turning into over three paragraphs. And that was just the highlights. Reading my words back to myself, I decided to pull my garden out of this post and into a separate one! There has been plenty of other stuff going on though which I shall endeavour to succinctly summarise!

Attempting to get back into an exercise routine…with moderate success: I have finally realised that now Little Z is a year old and I am properly back at work, I need to get my fitness schedule back on track. It’s been really hit-and-miss so far but I have done a few ergs, some evening Pilates and some core. Now we’re back from holiday I need to get into a slightly more structured routine though.

Easter: We had a quiet weekend at home for the Easter long weekend but Little H was very excited for her Easter Egg hunt. We did one for her in the house last year and she talked about it for the 10 months that followed until she turned her attention to the Easter ahead. As the weather was nice, Sam hid the eggs out in the garden and she enjoyed hunting them down. Although it was funny when Sam forgot where he’d hidden a couple!

Sam’s birthday: Sam’s birthday fell on Good Friday so we decided to try and have a nice family day to celebrate with him. He’s never a massive fan of his birthday and, to be honest, birthdays with kids can be really hit-and-miss so it’s always best not to expect anything. We took him for a nice lunch at Zizzi in town though and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Dinner with Lou & Anne-Marie: Two of my rowing friends who I used to see several times a week and now don’t see for months at a time. We finally found a date in the diary to go and grab dinner. We met after wrestling our respective small people to bed and enjoyed a couple of hours of catching-up over dinner at ASK in Hertford. It was wonderful. As always is the case with going out, I was really reluctant to go as the day progressed but once I was there it was wonderful to almost completely switch-off from supervising small folk.

New car: Our run-around car that Sam and I had owned for over a decade had reached that point where the repairs it needed would cost more than we’d ever get back when selling it on. So we decided it was time to invest in a new car. For the first time ever we got a brand new car for the simple reason we’ve decided to go electric! We had a high-speed charge point installed on the side of the house so we can charge it from almost empty in approximately 6-7 hours. It took a little getting used to but we love it. And as we are on a fully green energy tariff at home, we know that we are not having a massive environmental impact when we drive!

Lego Zoo animals: We went for a day trip to Whipsnade along with Sam’s parents who are no ZSL members too. Whipsnade had a Lego animals exhibit and we thought it would be nice to take the girls along to have a look. Some of the animals were truly amazing! We then had a mooch around the zoo and checked out various animals including the elephants and the new baby giraffe! He was very cute.

Duckling 2: Yep, Little H got her second swimming certificate after finally jumping into the pool solo. She was really proud and rightly so – she puts so much effort into her swimming. On one of my days off where was at nursery, I made a little fabric “shield” to put them all on along with her pin badges, in part to stop them being carried around and misplaced.

The girls became cousins: The most exciting news of the month and Sam’s sister had her baby daughter, Little L. We went over to see her when she was 9 days old and the girls loved it. Little Z hadn’t previously shown much interest in other small babies but was really drawn to her cousin and kept bringing her her little bunny toy whenever it got moved or dropped! It’s always lovely to witness a new arrival and now I have both Little H & Z, it’s even nicer having a baby cuddle and then giving the baby back. Hehe!

So what for the month ahead?! Well definitely the exercise challenge needs addressing, even if it’s just doing 3 or so Pilates sessions a week whilst we have our evening episode. We’ve also got a major event coming up: introductions to Little H’s school. I can’t believe she’s really going to be going to Reception in September; I’m already feeling anxious about the massive changes this is going to through into our daily routines as everything will change during the week. But school is good and inevitable so I just need to get my head round it. And then my friends are coming to visit next weekend which I am so looking forward to as I haven’t seen them for a year!

So until next time which, I hope, won’t be over 2 months!

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