A decade of blogging…. 

Today is exactly 10 years since I wrote my first – less than inspiring – blog post. Ten. Whole. Years. Wow that time has flown by. Yet so much has happened! When I started blogging Sam and I had been living together in our little one bedroom, ground floor flat in West Kensington for 6 month. Flash forward to today and we’re no longer in London, are living in our second house, married and with Little H. Life couldn’t be more different. And the more time that passes, the more I appreciate my blog and the fact I can dip back into life as it was over that time.

My blog today is so different today to where I started out. Whilst some people choose to re-start their blogs as their lives and focus change, for me my blog has always been a journal of life over everything else. So once I had started, there was no going back. It was originally self-coded, I hadn’t built any image upload functionality and to style the pages I had to code the HTML directly into the box. But it was built as a ‘project’ and the writing was just a side hobby. But it grew and it evolved. I enjoyed the writing more and more. When I migrated to wordpress, I spent hours working out how to migrate my content from my personal blog because I didn’t want to lose it. A decision I have absolutely not regretted as I love reading those old posts from a different time.

It wasn’t until Little H was born though that my blog grew to what it is now. When she arrived, as for so many other parents, it became an outlet. It became a way to share my experiences, my thoughts, my frustrations. And then as I discovered linkys and the wider blogging communities, it became a way to interact and engage with others. It’s that interaction which I cherish now. It’s what keeps me writing and what motivates me to try and share posts which are enjoyable to read, meaningful or funny. Because that’s the awesome thing about blogging – it’s open to everyone!


I’m not a ‘natural’ writer and I harbour no illusions of ever becoming on. Nor do I have no plans to monetise my blog, or do sponsored / collaborative posts. I will never dedicate the time to my blog that so many other parents do to publish posts daily or share stunningly curated images. But I do have every intention to continue writing as long as there is something in my life to write about. For prosperity, for my sanity and, well, for something to do in the evenings. Because let’s face it, sitting and having a rest is just a bit dull!

Here’s to another 10!

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