Because I’m her Mummy.

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When we’re watching ‘Frozen’ for the hundredth time, I’ll still clap and sing along…because I’m her Mummy.

When she gets angry and throws things on the floor, I’ll take a deep breath and let it go…because I’m her Mummy.

If she pushes me too far and I raise my voice at her, I’ll feel guilty about it all day…because I’m her Mummy.

When I’m away from her I long to have her with me again…because I am her Mummy.

As soon as I get off the train from work I will dash to the nursery to see her…because I’m her Mummy.

Watching her run to me across the nursery room always makes me smile the biggest smile…because I’m her Mummy.

When she steals some of my food because she thinks it’s better than hers, I let her…because I’m her Mummy.

I’ll cook her tasty, nutritious meals even though she’ll throw them on the floor and eat raisins…because I’m her Mummy.

When she is unwell and needs comfort, I will sit and let her sleep on me…because I’m her Mummy.

As she bangs on the door to try and get outside straight after breakfast before I’ve even had time for a cuppa, I’ll take her to the park…because I’m her Mummy.

I’ll push her on every single swing in the park when she insists on trying them all…because I’m her Mummy.

If she falls and hurts herself, I’ll pick her up and kiss it better…because I’m her Mummy.

When she cries in the night, I will always go and comfort her…because I’m her Mummy.

Whatever she does and wherever she is I will always love her more than absolutely anything…because I’m her Mummy…and that’s what Mummys do.

Angela Watling

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