Buggycise – circuit training but next to a buggy!

As part of my attempt to ‘get fit again‘ I decided to go along to a Buggycise class yesterday. It’s run on behalf of one of our local children’s centres (and therfore is only a couple of quid to join in) and the instructor is from a local company that does outdoor circuit training, boot camps and personal training. I had seen it in my NCT magazine but a friend also went last week and thought I would enjoy it. So since I have been quite active for the last few weeks, including routinely doing my core stability, I decided to go along and give it a try.

I picked a great day to start because it was lovely and sunny. The pollution level was supposidly really high which I did think could make it unpleasant but because the class started quite early (9:30) it hadn’t really got too bad. H and I enjoyed a brisk walk to the park and easily located the group by the mass of buggies!

Despite the name of the class, you don’t actually really need to use the buggies. There is a warm up run and you can push you buggy round on that if you want, but most people didn’t (the instructor stays with them to keep them safe – we didn’t all just leave our kids alone!). Then the next 45 minutes is a mixture of group cardio and strength exercises. They are designed to cater for all levels so you put in only as much effort as your body will allow. The instructor also gave everyone a timely reminder that, especially if we’d previously done a lot of sport, our bodies had just grown a baby so not to get too carried away too quickly. That was definitely useful for me to hear to stop me from going a bit too far!

H was a star and slept throughout the entire session – win-win really because, as previously mentioned, she isn’t that good at napping! Some of the other kids got a bit upset at times but often the instructor would give them a quick push round and they would cheer up again!

Today I am aching from the exercise. It’s a long forgotten but welcome feeling! I’ve had a slightly unhealthy day today though with only a short walk and too much cake so I have probably undone a lot of the good work. But never mind!

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