Can’t get you outta my head!

Did you click on this thinking it might be a post about our favourite Australian soap-turned-pop star, Kylie? Well if you did then I’m sorry to disappoint because it’s not*. However, when musing on this blog post, her 2001 pop classic pinging into my head. Because what I’m here to tell you today folks is the baby / toddler songs which are now on perma-loop in my head since becoming a mother. This list isn’t finite but it’s the ones that haunt me the most. I even like most of them…but not when I’m trying to sleep, sat in a meeting or start subconsciously humming them on the packed commuter train! I’m sorry if they stay with you for the day after reading this, but here goes:

*(For all you disappointed Kylie fans, don’t worry there is a surprise at the end…)

One: The Music Train songs

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On one of my at-home-with-H days, we go to a Music Train class. H really enjoys the songs, sounds and instruments. Each week has a theme and new songs but, as always with kid classes, there are regular songs the children know and love. The first is the intro song which H excitedly taps her knees along to:

Tap, tap, tap your knees. Let’s all sing together!
Tap, tap, tap your knees. It’s time for Music Train!
Hello <Insert child’s name here>, how do you do?
<Repeat previous line for every child, the teacher and class mascot>
Welcome everyone!

Then this for when the Music Train comes round with the instruments. H hears the words to this song and leaps up to chase the train. In that same moment I sigh as I will be singing these short songs for the entire day:

What’s in The Music Train?
What can it be?
Lift the covers and you’ll see!

Two: The Baby Sensory Song

The Baby Sensory song is, for young babies, quite magical. Singing it really does sooth and calm them. But once you’ve learn those lyric you will sing it non-stop for days…and days…and days. H stopped Baby Sensory just before her 1st birthday so I don’t sing this very much anymore. But for those 7 months she was in the class (and it seemed to work as a soothing song for night time!) I was singing almost all the time. It almost makes me a bit tearful for days past when I listen to it now!

Three: Wind the Bobbin Up

Every parent must know ‘Wind the Bobbin Up‘. If not, how have you avoided it?! I had never heard it until I had H, but it’s a popular in music classes and nurseries. H knows all of the actions (even if she doesn’t quite do them properly yet, bless her!) so it’s something she likes me to sing for her now and again. But once I’ve sung it, it’s lingers!

Four: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon!

I actually really enjoy this song as rhymes go, but it really does stick in my head. Plus once we’ve sung it once H likes to do it several times. It does give a good arm workout though lifting her 13kg+ heft into the air! I’ve really struggled to find a video with the lyrics we use at all our local baby groups; The American lyrics and / or tune seems slightly different. The video below has the tune I know but the lyrics we use are:

Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moom.
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’ll be there very soon.
If you want to join our trip, jump aboard our rocket ship.
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moom.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…ZOOM!

Five: ‘Let It Go!’ from ‘Frozen’

Does this gem really need any introduction or explanation? To be honest, I could have put almost any ‘Frozen’ song down here but this is the one I learnt the lyrics of first so it sticks in my head more than the others. There is something about the songs in this film which either draw Little H into a trance or have her dancing around the room. We have the soundtrack too, although the songs alone seem to be losing their power now and she often instructs me to fast forward, or points to TV because she wants to see Anna, Elsa and the gang. I actually like the songs in this film. But when I can’t fall asleep and the chorus of ‘Let It Go’ is flying round your head, it does start to grate. Even if it does make the Maths geek in me happy by mentioning ‘fractals’!

And finally, for the Kylie fans…

What baby and toddler tunes stick in your head / drive you loopy?!

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