Carpe Diem – Using Time Efficiently!

In actual fact, with a small baby it’s really about ‘Seize the Hour’ or even ‘Seize the Minute’. More so than ever before, every minute is precious and needs to be be used efficiently. That might be to get a load of chores done. It might be to have a shower. Or it might just be to sit down and have a quiet cup of tea.

H has been in an overnight routine for over 6 weeks now so in the evening Sam and I are almost guaranteed (nothing is ever completely guaranteed of course!) to have a couple of hours quiet time. But that is quite quickly taken up with making/eating dinner, catching-up on the day and watching a bit of telly to unwind. So when I get some time in the day, I try to make the best use of it.

What I get done really depends on how the night has gone though. On Monday night we all slept really quite well. So yesterday morning, once H was down for her post-breakfast nap, I got loads done: a wash load, shower (including washing and drying hair) and sorting out the backlog of updates and back-ups on my laptop. This continued through the day as I got 3 wash loads done and dried as well as walking to town to get some shopping done. Productive!

Last night however was not so good. The noisy wind disturbed us all and H was also huffing and puffing a lot from about 5:30am. After the initial changing / feeding / playing whirlwind had subsided this morning and H was down for her nap, I came over really quite lethargic. So I devoted my free hour to having a shower and then sitting on the sofa!

2015-05-05 08.06.42
Both a revitalising drink and a story telling mug – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

H has since gone down for a subsequent nap at the moment and I’ll confess I’m sat on the sofa again having enjoyed another cuppa. All I have done today, aside from caring for H, is put the washing away. Then again when your full time job is caring for a little one, re-charging your own battery counts as productive work in my book!

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