30 Days Blogging – Day 4: A pic of somewhere I’ve been

Selecting a pic of somewhere we’ve been – a tricky one. Whilst we aren’t the most adventurous people, we do go out to quite a lot of lovely trips. But I decided to go with somewhere we’ve been recently and go often. The place I’ve chosen is the the local park!


We’re lucky to live in a Garden City. It means that wherever we go there are large grass verges with lots of trees. The local park and playing fields near our house is no exception. There is a massive open space for people to play football, cricket, do boot camp training or walk dogs (off the right of the picture). Then for older kids there is a really well maintained skate park (or scooter park as it seems to have become).

The gated park area for children to play has lots of swings, a climbing frame and a big slide. H has loved coming here from a young age to go on the swing. Now she is hooked on the big slide too; I’m less of a fan of that as it means supporting her up 5ft high stairs and I don’t like heights without holding on! The perils of parenthood…



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6 comments On 30 Days Blogging – Day 4: A pic of somewhere I’ve been

  • Our kids love parks as well. They still scare me a bit as I have twin two year olds- but so far no one has died.


  • Oooh we are big park goers to. We will probably frequent it this afternoon in fact. Like yours my girl is a little daredevil and likes to go down the biggest slides, oh the trauma for me. Especially with a younger baby in tow. I await the day they can run off and play together without me clambering to the top of the slides with them! Thanks for sharing this with us at #familyfun. Hope to see you again next week xx

    • Gosh, yes I can’t imagine how tricky it is trying to avoid slide-related falls whilst holding on to a little person too. But they are great for tiring them out! It’s swings-and-roundabouts… (amused myself with that pun at least…) #FamilyFun

  • Yes the park is the best place to go with littles! love the sound of garden city that has to be ideal for kids to explore and grown up in. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun you’ll be more than welcome again next week!

    • Definitely! We’ve not been to our local for over a week and I actually miss it… Sunday morning we’re going! Thanks for reading and def see you for #familyfun next week.

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