Our favourite toddler snacks

H is one hungry little lass. She’s an active toddler with a very healthy appetite; She goes barely an hour without eating most days. She eats a lot more than most of her friends and at times I have worried I could be over-feeding her. But after trying to hold-off on giving her snacks when she asks for them, it’s clear she just needs to energy! This means I must have a good mix of snacks readily available. Of course I’d love everything to be home-made. But real-life gets in the way. So I have a stash of easy-grab snacks always to hand. She’s only just got her molars so she doesn’t yet eat as many vegetable snacks as I would like yet. But she has her veggies at meal time so it balances out.

Here are the things that work for us!

Dairy snacks

Little Yeo yoghurts: When H was really small we bought pots of plain yoghurt and flavoured portions of it with fruit purée. But H now likes to hold her own yoghurt and these are the perfect size. They come in a mix of flavours but contain no added sugars. They are usually on a deal at the supermarket so they work out cheaper than the old way.

Little Yeos

Dairy Lea triangles: These can be messy but they are exactly the right size for small hands. H goes through phases of liking Dairy Lea. But when she does, they usually get eaten in one single mouthful! They are also great for spreading on toast and rice cakes.


Cubes of cheddar: Less risky than Dairy Lea and so easy to make. I just cut a slice of cheese about 1cm thick and then cut it into cubes. Cheese is a great quick and easy snack; It’s fully of protein and calcium so fills up small tummies and makes bones and teeth strong.

Fruit snacks

Blueberries: All berries are great snacks (and relatively low in sugar for fruit compared to things like apples). But blueberries are very popular in our house. They are also harder to cause stains with. Letting H loose with a raspberry or strawberry results in pink smears everywhere and I daren’t risk the sofa.


Dried fruit: Especially raisins, apple and mango. You can buy little boxes or raisins but it’s much cheaper to buy a large bag and put them in a pot. We do that and buy the bigger juicy raisins as they are tastier; The ones in the little boxes are often a bit dry and chewy. You can buy apple in either completely dried crisp form, or soft dehydrated apple (like apricots). We always get the latter as H prefers it. Mango is another favourite although when dried it’s quite tough so best for when there are some teeth to give it a good chew!

Bear paws: H LOVES these. I would dare she’s even slightly addicted and I have to really limited how often she has them. But they are a great snack which I often pop in the bag for an outing. They are made from pure fruit / vegetable juice and are dried in the small jelly paw shapes. The multi-packs come with 3 alphabet cards too – I’m collecting them to make a set for H.


Dried snacks

Goodies Cheese Crackers: We’re big fans of the Organix Goodies snacks in our house. They are made from reasonably good ingredients so I don’t feel too bad giving pre-made things to H. These are little bags of small cheese crackers. They are one of the few savoury snacks I have success with. I usually try to give her a handful, but she’ll often grab the bag and eat most of them!

Goodies Animal Biscuits: Many toddler biscuits come in little bags. I don’t want H eating that many and if she sees a hand sized bag, she wants it all. These animal biscuits come in a large bag and sweetened only with fruit juice. They are also in fun animal shapes so H like a few now and then.


Goodies Oat Bars: I should probably look to get Goodies sponsorship at this rate. We also love the variety of oat bars they sell. Again they are only sweetened with fruit juice which I am very happy about. But they are made up of oats which are a great filling and slow-burn food. Ideal for active toddlers. I always pack one of these if we go out in the afternoon to tide her over until dinner.


Mini Brioche rolls: I originally gave these to H when she had not long been weaned. When she had no teeth they were really soft and easy to eat. When she was unwell in Lisbon I spotted some in a local supermarket and they were one of the few things she ate. Now we keep them at hand for ‘filler’ snacks.

What snacks go down well in your house?

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