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January 7, 2017 at 7:00 am by Angela

FiveFavouriteFindsEvery month I share my ‘Five Favourite Finds’ for the month. They can be absolutely anything new that I have come across. The challenge: making sure I find five each month. Some months really do prove tougher than others but there is lots of fun had in the search. I’m using it to try encourage myself to find new things and also share my finds with you all to save you the leg work! So without further ado and in no particular order…


One: Kikki-K 2017 planner

I started doing a Gratitude Journal at the start of 2016. I’ve found it an incredibly positive experience and knew even back in the summer that this was a practice I wanted to continue. So as the end of the year approached, I started looking for a new journal. I’ve always fancied a Kikki-K planner but I am a Bullet Journal-ist so have no need for a conventional diary to manage my life. However, I realised one would be ideal for my daily gratitudes. So after a not so subtle hint to Sam, I opened this delight on Christmas Day! I especially like the motivational quotes at the start of each month. Oh and the cool stickers!

Two: Sony A6000 Compact System Camera

In February last year I planned to learn how to take better photographs. Well I can tell you now that it didn’t happen. There were several reasons, one being me not committing time to it; other major factors were I found my camera too big to just leave lying around / chuck in a bag and it was a faff to get photos off it quickly. So in the summer I started browsing compact system cameras; they are, in my opinion, a happy balance between size and functionality. A couple of weeks ago I finally settled on this little number which so far I’m really chuffed with. I’m definitely going to follow through on learning to take better shots now so watch this space!

Three: Fat Face jumpers

Being 6ft tall and having quite a long arm span, I spend half of my life in jumpers with sleeves that are too short. The result is me rolling them up to my elbows and then getting cold arms. So you can imagine my joy when I happened upon a beautiful woolly hoody with SLEEVES THAT REACHED MY WRISTS! I promptly bought it and then ordered two other woollies (one the same style in a different colour and the other a jumper) in the sale. Whoop! The quality also looks really high. I have never shopped at Fat Face before but I shall be exploring their range of tops and jumpers further now.

Four: Breville Slow Cooker

I think I’m a bit late to the slow cooker party to be honest. (If there is such a thing?! I guess there would be plenty of food at least. Well, eventually.) Anyway, I always liked the idea but was worried I’d never manage to make enough interesting vegetarian food. I was also nervous about leaving a cooking appliance switched on and unattended all day. But more and more I am cooking meals for Little H which need time; time that I don’t often have when I get in from our activities. So I decided it would be worth a go. This model seems great because it has an mode where it will cook on high for a period of time and then automatically drop to low – ideal for work days. I’ve done a couple of meals in it but I need to ‘explore’ it a bit more!

Five: Amazon Echo Dot

I got one of these little gizmos for Sam for Christmas. I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea but now we have it installed, it’s pretty cool. We have Hive to control out heating so we can now just ask ‘Alexa’ to turn our heating on, off or adjust the temperature. We also have a couple of plugs so we can turn lights on and off. It can give news reports, weather updates and various other things. I’m not sure we’re using it to it’s full capability yet but I think it’ll be a fun toy. It’s definitely handy to be able to ask Alexa to turn the light off when I’ve got my shoes on and a Little H desperate to get outside!


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Some comments:
    • I only discovered it a couple of months ago too and would buy everything if I could think of a use for it! Thanks for reading x

  1. Alexa does look pretty cool. She just needs to learn to make a cup of tea and empty the dishwasher. Love the gratitude journal too. I swear my new found love of stationery comes from so many bloggers sharing gorgeous notebooks!! Thanks for joining #marvmondays x
    Fran Back With A Bump recently posted…Marvellous 2017 MondaysMy Profile

    • So far so good actually. I’ve only used it on days where I’ve been at home or have been out for just a couple of hours. My friend advised I learn to trust it before leaving it all day to avoid unnecessary worry! Would certainly recommend getting one though. Thanks for reading xx

    • I like asking it random questions. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. But it’s funny to see what it can do! Thanks for reading xx

  2. Liking the look of your new camera! I too would like to get better at photographing, but haven’t yet made the commitment to actually get a decent camera, please let me know how you get on with yours 🙂 and I like the idea of a Gratitude Journal. Happy new year (if it’s not too late to say that) xx
    Josefine recently posted…Cinnamon Swirl Cake with Lemon IcingMy Profile

    • I will do! So far so good. It’s light and really easy to use. I’m loving it’s compact size because I’m keeping it on the side so I can just grab and snap. Got some good pictures of my little lovely cuddling her daddy! Also, definitely start a gratitude journal. Love it as way of focus on the positives and as something to read months later! Happy New Year too and thanks for reading xxx

  3. such a fab idea of a post! I love planners and stationery and have added beautifully to the collection for 2017 – always a good excuse the new year! Love your new compact camera – I’ve just got one too to help with the vlogging i’ve started – no idea how to use it yet but will have a play at the weekend! Love the slow cooker – one of my favourite additions to the kitchen for sure! #FamilyFun
    justsayingmum recently posted…Respecting “No”My Profile

    • Hope you enjoy getting to grips with your new camera. It’ll be lots of fun getting to use it for your blogging I’m sure! It still amazes me now that we can get HD film from a little hand held camera…. Thanks for reading xx

  4. I wasn’t really sure what the amazing echo was but now I’ve read more about it t does sound pretty cool. My slow cooker only really gets used in the winter but I do love he ease of it! I would love a proper camera and to not just use my phone so I am looking for a good but inexpensive one… well as inexpensive as possible! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

    • Yeh I can’t see me using the slow cooker so much in the summer but you never know! There are a lot of good looking compact system cameras out there for fairly reasonable prices which do good quality pictures. I’ve been debating for months because there is so much choice! Thanks for reading xx

    • Yeh the clothes aren’t cheap! I don’t mind spending more on a jumper because I wear it loads. But a normal top just isn’t worth it for me. Definitely recommend a slow cooker now. Would be great for having lunch ready after you’ve been out walking! Thanks for reading x

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